Car licensing fees set to increase

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South Africa’s national licensing transaction fees will increase from R72 to R82, the Department of Transport has announced.

In the Government Gazette published on 8 March, transport minister Blade Nzimande announced the 14% increase in the transaction fees to be paid to the Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC).

In terms of The RTMC Act, local registering authorities – licensing centres – must pay a transaction fee for each motorist it processes.

This car licence transaction fee is subsequently passed on to the applicant and added to the annual licence fee.

While this fee is separate from the actual licence fee, the R82 is effectively added to the renewal costs for all motor vehicle licences across the country.

The latest increase follows a R30 increase last year. In February 2018, the fee increased from R42 to R72.

This increase will affect all South African motorists, with the licensing fee differing from province to province – dependent on the size and weight of your vehicle.

In the Western Cape, a motorcyclist can expect to pay R192 for a new licence, while motorists can pay anywhere between R288 to R966.

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