British parents spend £236 on BTS items

Parents will spend an average of £236 to kit out each child for the new British school term, which begins in September, research has claimed.

The cost of the basic necessities – including uniform, sports gear, books, stationery and technology – adds up to £2,9-billion across the country.

The research, by Santander Credit Cards, is published as parents across the country face the costly task of preparing their youngsters for the new school year.

Costs have slightly dropped since last year, when the average parent spent £240 in preparation for the new school year.
According to the research, parents with children at church foundation or trust schools spend the most, with an average of £375 in the run up to school term, compared to £371 in private schools.

The cheapest schools are community schools that have remained in the care of the local authority, where kitting out costs are around £226.

Parents who send who send to academy schools face a £262 bill.

Selective state grammar schools are more expensive, with an average £329 spent on getting a child ready for schools.

Source: Steph Cockroft for MailOnline

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