Brand South Africa loses 12% value in a year

Our national brand – that’s Brand South Africa, not Koo or Lucky Star – has lost 12% of its value in the last year.

The good news is that it’s still worth $225-billion. This according to the Brand Finance Nation Brands 2015 report, which ranks 100 countries according to three pillars: goods and services, investment, and society, but otherwise sounds suspiciously like one of those businesses which ranks things in order to make money out of ranking them.

Sub-categories include tourism, the market, governance, people, and skills, and with at least a couple of those you can see where our problem might lie. To put things in global perspective, the US is worth $19,7-trillion (up 2%), while China comes in second, at $6,30-trillion (down 1%). Nigeria’s value has risen, ominously, by 6% to $189b-illion.

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