Blazingchilli set to drive down businesses’ SMS costs

Blazingchilli, a provider and developer of mobile supporting platforms, has launched ZiNG360, an innovative mobile messaging application aimed at businesses looking to communicate with staff and customers, through rich interactive instant messages at a fraction of current market costs. The service, which works on smartphones and older feature phones, is set to shift expectations of what mobile messaging can deliver for business communication and customer service.

Instant messaging (IM) on mobile phones has traditionally been used between two parties to communicate via text messages, using their mobile data rather than SMSing and saving mobile minutes. Blazingchilli’s ZiNG360 messaging application works on a similar principle except that information can be broadcast to large audiences, or individual messages can be sent and managed via custom, web branded consoles.

The key to managing messaging to a diversity of people, be it staff or customers, is the ability to create custom distribution groups. Blazingchilli has developed an easy-to-use administrative tool for setting up groups or ‘Zones’ as they call them. News and messages are sent to pre-determined ‘Zones’. Where customer or staff engagement is required, bi-directional Zones can be configured which allow users to respond on the same low-cost service.

“Replacing system generated SMS systems with ZiNG360 messaging has been a large focus for our customers, which is why we also provide software interfaces that allow for some creative integrations with existing business systems,” says Jason Perthel, CEO of Blazingchilli. Support for next generation features like encryption, supported down to feature phone level and unlimited message based license plans, have drawn high levels of interest.

“Many large businesses cite poor internal communication as a point of failure. Our goal is to enhance communication through familiar tools on devices already owned by staff at any level, focusing on dispersed or remotely working staff bases,” says Perthel. “We have seen cost savings greater than 80% compared with current technologies and a return on investment in less than three months for our current partners.”

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