Black+Decker announces new global brand identity

Black+Decker recently announced a new global brand identity for its consumer branded power tools, outdoor power equipment, and home products.
The new identity hopes to revitalise the brand through a simplified and focused redesign; and also serves to reposition Black+Decker as a brand for the home.

Mayan Desai, trade marketing manager for Stanley Black+Decker says, “Throughout its history, Black+Decker has consistently provided consumers with innovative, affordable, and quality products.

“While its roots are firmly planted in the power tool space, over the years there have been a number of additional categories that have contributed to the Black+Decker range of products, including cleaning and outdoor devices, and small kitchen appliances. As a result of this, the brand is deeply entrenched in and around the home. Ultimately, Black+Decker will help its product owners transform the place where they live into a home.

“The Black+Decker brand extends beyond product features and innovation, it is about being honest, intuitive, involved, and thoughtful. Consumers now make their lifestyle and purchasing decisions in a completely different way, and this new brand identity, and subsequent marketing campaigns and communications, will focus on providing people with the ideas, advice, and expertise to enable them to achieve their goals.

“Black+Decker empowers consumers to make more informed decisions based on lifestyle preferences and knowledge.”

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