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The warning bells of credit card fraud 

It is coming up to that time of the year when South Africans shower their loved ones with gifts or spoil themselves with a well-deserved holiday, It’s also the time to be extra alert when doing financial transactions.

The few months in the run up to December are when scamsters come out play and increase their fraudulent activities.

It is therefore crucial to educate yourself on the signs of credit card fraud so you can take  action and decrease your risk of being a target.  


Go through statements carefully

It is imperative to check and re-check the transactions illustrated on your statement each month. Assuming those little charges are your spouse’s is dangerous, as fraudsters take the chance of testing your card without running up the bill.

Bills for unauthorised accounts 

One of the obvious signs of credit card fraud is receiving a bill for credit you did not apply for. This may seem like an obvious tip, but sometimes people assume that the company just got the
wrong person and do not investigate further. Even more likely is not even opening the mail thinking it is junk mail. 

Suspicious membership

A phone call from a merchant might come through to you, indicating that your membership fee could not be processed after your two-week trial was over. If you did not sign-up for a free trial recently, this is a good indicator that someone tested to see if the card was active by enrolling with the credit card. Call the credit card company, or at the very least check your balance or statement to see if there are any unauthorised charges. 



Keep your credit cards safe and only carry those credit cards you will be using that day. Leave all your other cards at home. Thieves can take pictures of your credit card with a camera or cell phone, so don’t leave your credit card exposed any longer than necessary. Shred anything with your credit card number on it. Don’t sign blank credit card receipts. Avoid giving out your credit card information and be safe with your credit card online. Report lost or stolen credit cards immediately.

Credit card criminals are quite determined, but aware consumers can halt these criminals in their tracks. Once the red flag is raised on credit card fraud, consumers can take action to protect themselves and limit their liability. 

Fraudsters place order as Eskom

Bojanala Office National in Rustenburg recenty received what seemed to be a suspicious order from Eskom.  

The request was for delivery in Thabazimbi and the email address that was used was as follows:!

The feeling towards the order was that something was amiss and after consulting with shop-sa, Bojanala Office National contacted Eskom to verify the order placed.

Eskom’s Forensic and Anti-Corruption Department promptly responded confirming that the documentation received, in fact was fraudulent and that the business should be avoided.

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