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highlight in the stationery products market is the back to school season when thousands of families with children stock up on apparel, school supplies and electronics.

An overview of the Back to School bestseller market environment.

Combined with the student market at colleges and universities across the country, the months of June to August and November to February can see some of the biggest consumer spending events for retailers.

With the constraints of the current economic climate, most consumers will be taking price into consideration. Before actually outlaying money for these essential items however, consumers will need to see the value of buying branded products over often inferior items which do not feature the same levels of quality and durability. 

Promotions and Savings 

Retailers in the stationery and office products sector understand that consumers are extremely focused on value and as such will be taking this opportunity to offer substantial savings on merchandise. This may be in the form of bulk buying offers, negotiated bulk buying price breaks with individual schools or at retail level, the combining of branded products into pre-packed product varieties, and store-brand and generic item clusters offers. 

Popular items, promotions and innovative social media campaigns will see essential Back to School items advertised in-store, via flysheets at discounted retail outlets and in the local media. 

Increased spending will be seen in items such as computers, cell phones, and  tablet devices as technology starts to make inroads into the youth market, with a small percentage of schools now incorporating computers and tablets into the curriculum.

Already the industry is gearing up for the rush with many retailers filling their shelves with merchandise as early as June. By shopping around at a variety of retailers before deciding where to buy, parents will be able to find the best values on the items they really need this year 

When it comes to how much say children have in parents’ buying decisions, nearly two-thirds of parents say their children influence 50 percent or more of Back to School purchases.

Powerful presentation and market position

It’s not just about flashy price tags and noisy savings comparisons either. According to Dawn Marchant, an author for Ezine Articles, the key in helping a product become a bestseller is knowing what challenge the product will help the customer overcome and what result it is going to deliver. 

According to wikiHow, the world’s largest how to manual, salespeople should convert the customer’s motivations into the product’s characteristics, which is known as ‘positioning’. The product should not be pitched too high or low in terms of affordability and luxury, and the salesperson must know which facts best serve each sale. The sale is about perception and it is the positive values of the product that sells the product. 

Candi Lewis, senior sales executive at BSC Stationery Sales, says the Back to School period is a hectic time of year and it’s important salespeople don’t waste time referring to a catalogue for product information. When a new product arrives they need to study it, test it and know all information including codes, descriptions and where the product is made, as well as any customer guarantees, warranties and after-sales service. 

Selling stationery products can be competitive, but by ensuring salespeople have knowledge about their product and have tested it, they will be better equipped in having their product become a bestseller on shelves this season.


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