Back to book- buying basics

It’s back to school time again and we all know what that means: it is round about this time that we all have to empty our pockets to buy this semester’s textbooks.

Buy online

The internet marketplace has changed how business is done. Within no time, behind your personal computer, you can search the web for a variety of products at the lowest price possible. There are sites geared at helping students find the books for their curriculum.


Locally, Red Pepper Books, Juta Online and Armstrong’s are some of the top suggestions that come up. Internationally, and Amazon are the favourites.


A warning though to those purchasing online: Carefully examine any seller’s description and pictures of the textbooks. It would be disastrous to end up with a photocopied black and white version of the book you thought you were purchasing, not to mention highly illegal.


Sell back last year’s books

A lot of book stores offer buy back credit – if you sell them the books you bought a year ago, the store  will give you a store credit greater than their normal cash pay-out in order to keep your business next semester.



Make friends with someone in your class and share a book. The main problem here would be the parental rights. Who gets it when and for how many days? is a new and dynamic South African online second-hand book exchange aimed at helping students across the country to buy and sell their used textbooks. “For the cost conscious ones this site is just what you have been praying for,” states the website. All books are advertised on the site for free and students are able to sell books that might have been eliminated from their institution’s curriculum to students at other institutions that still use those books. claims that it is great site where South Africa’s new, secondhand and used books can be traded. “You can sell your secondhand books and earn money directly into your account.” 

Most importantly, once you have purchased your books, take care of them when using, storing or transporting them and your text books will see a greater lifespan and return on your investment. m

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