Axiz warns of banking scam

Axiz has announced that the company has become the latest victim of the on-going “bank account number change” scam.

Axiz has released the following message to its clients:

Dear Valued Client,

The purpose of this communication is to alert all of our clients of the ongoing fraudulent scam.
Description of the Scam:
The modus operandi of this scam is that you will receive a communication in the format of an email, fax or even conventional mail envelope containing a letter on the letterhead of one of your debtors / suppliers informing you that their bank account number and/or banking institution has changed and that in future the account number detailed in the letter should be used to settle debts / accounts.
This letter might be accompanied by a letter from a bank (on a bank letterhead with a bank stamp), an image of a cancelled cheque and in some instance even a legitimate invoice depicting the amount the client owes the debtor / supplier (the invoices are intercepted in the postal services).
The communication from the fraudster might even be followed up by a telephone call confirming that a trusted supplier / debtor’s bank account details have changed.
Action to Take:
Please do note, WE HAVE NOT CHANGED OUR BANK ACCOUNTS. It is recommended that you implement a process which should be followed before changing any banking details of a supplier. This process should include telephonic contact with preferably a known employee at the supplier / debtor.
Verification should not be made using the document / letter which has been received requesting the change as it may contain false contact information.
We suggest that verification be made using existing contact details held on file or from information obtained from Telkom’s directory enquiries.
We will not be held responsible for any payments made into any incorrect bank account.
We thank you for your understanding and appreciate your co-operation.
Axiz Finance Department

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