Avoid waste by reducing and reusing in the workplace

Sapphireblue offers some handy, green-friendly tips for the office which are simple ways all staff member can contribute to helping save the planet.



Tip 1:

Provide trays to collect and reuse print and copy error sheets.

Tip 2:

Provide bins/recycling containers and zone them appropriately for collectionof old technology (e-waste), newspapers magazine and plastic bottels.

Tip 3:

Buy recycled paper whenever possible.

Tip 4:

Look for the recycled option in all products you buy.

Tip 5:

Use reusable and recyclable containers for shipping your products and reuse newspaper, shredded paper, bubble wrap and cardboard boxes for packaging.

Tip 6:

When planning events think of items that you can reuse or recycle at other events.




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