Are you getting a fair deal on your office automation agreements?

Merchant West has put the power back in the hands of business with the launch of Price Tag, a unique tool for verifying whether you are getting a fair deal on your office automation agreements

Merchant West, an authorised financial services provider specialising in business finance and advisory services, has launched Price Tag, a tool that allows users to calculate theactual costs associated with the leasing of multifunctional printers and copiers. This allows for greater flexibility and profitability in a historically uncertain market.

Merchant West also advocates the separation of the roles played by equipment suppliers and financiers, eliminating all hold that the supplier may have over the business. This ensures that the consumer is not penalised when upgrading to different brands or seen by suppliers as a means to making additional margins through outrageous rentals or inflated settlements. The resulting transparency ensures market-related pricing from the supplier and competitive interest rates from the financier.

“Many companies spend thousands of Rands on the hire of multifunctional printers and copiers but the contracts and related costs are never fully verified making it difficult for the company to recognise whether or not they are getting a fair deal,” says Sabine Stevens, a director of Merchant West. “Given the lack of transparency and un-accessible data around the cost of this equipment, the company has no other option but to take the supplier’s word for it.”

This is where Price Tag comes in. Merchant West has leveraged its experience in the industry and knowledge of available brands to collate a comprehensive list of mutlifunctional printer and copier prices and related contract costing structures available in South Africa. For a sense of what Price Tag is capable of consumers can register and log on to the website and make use of four tools to give them the information needed to make the right decision about officeautomation agreements into which they will be tied for the foreseeable future. Although online access is limited a full audit can be arranged through Merchant West. The tools available are :


1.     Price Verification on new equipment – Does the price you have been quoted for a specific make and model of equipment fall within the industry floor and ceiling price?

2.     Pricing analysis on existing equipment – Have you been offered a fair price on your existing contract in relation to industry standards?

3.     Settlement computation – Is the settlement you have been quoted fair?

4.     Rental calculator – What should your monthly repayments be on the brands, makes and models that you have selected? 

“Access to this information puts the power back into the hands of the business consumer,” says Stevens. “It allows companies to calculate the fair cost of office automation, giving them the tools necessary to negotiate and secure the most cost effective arrangement

 Reputable suppliers are also being placed in a negative light by those that are unreasonably inflating their prices and the reputation of the entire industry is being tainted by the few who put their high margins ahead of fair customer interaction.

Price Tag’s unique verification tools are accessible electronically to any registered user. Visit to register for free. The website is simple and user friendly, and the information is immediate. 

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