Antalis supports ‘an apple a day’ theory!

Antalis South Africa (Pty) Ltd were the proud and official paper sponsors for The 34th Annual Loerie Awards. During this years function TBWA were awarded the Creative Use of Paper Award that was also sponsored by Antalis.


Once the dust had settled Antalis, together with Michelle Barrett, Media and Operations Manager of the Loeries, contacted TBWA to set up a ‘congratulations’ function during which they could hand over the official prize of two Apple iPads. The function took place at the head office of TBWA on a balmy summer afternoon late in September. Attended by most TBWA the afternoon was a celebration of creativity and the role that paper plays!


Adam Livesey and Matthew Brink, the Executive Creative Directors of TBWA, praised their team for the amazing collective effort of the team. Leigh-Anne Salonika and Mike Groenewald were the lucky winners of the coveted iPads.

Andrew Human, Loeries CEO, shared his thoughts, “The Antalis Creative Use of Paper Award is great because it highlights the fact that paper can be put to use in its own unique way. With all the different media available today it’s important that we have a good understanding of how to make the best use of each medium.”


TBWA’s prize winning design comprised four separate pieces representing four different clients. Each piece showcased the diversity and flexibility of the paper used focussing on the clients they represented. As further testimony to the excellence of the piece two of the said clients have already approved work based on the design!


“I’d like to thank Antalis for sponsoring this amazing award. As most of you know Antalis are easily the best in the industry when it comes to promoting themselves whilst inspiring creatives to use their papers at the same time! The Bi-Annual Art of Design and sponsorshop of the Loeries Creative Use of Paper are two examples of their on-going encouragement of our industry. 


What’s more it’s always very helpful to have someone like Vanashree Govender from Antalis; her regular visits ensure that we aware of trends and new papers. The Antalis paper sample boxes are also, by far, the most user friendly and showcased in a beautifully designed box – the devil is in the detail! So cheers to Antalis and, again, thank you.” said Sasha Traest, Head of Design at TBWA. 


“We were thrilled to be part of this year’s Loeries and bear witness to the creative excellence. Congratulations to everyone who participated and, of course, to TBWA as winners of the Antalis Creative Use of Paper Award,” concluded Caroline Coughlan, Marketing Manager for Antalis.

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