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Samsung has announced 10 new multi-function printer (MFP) models that are the first printers equipped with the Android operating system and have the potential to be a game changer in the multi-functional printer market. The new Samsung Smart MultiXpress series (MX 4 series) features Samsung’s Smart User Experience (UX) Centre which allows independent printing using the built-in android tablet, app scalability and a consumer friendly User Interface (UI) to seamlessly fit into the IT and Smart office ecosystem.

“Samsung’s MFPs combine the latest printing technology to deliver the simplest and most efficient solutions to streamline overall workflow. This in turn helps companies improve productivity in all types of business environments,” says Mike van Lier, director of the Enterprise Business Division (EBD) at Samsung Electronics South Africa. “The introduction of the first Android Operating System (OS) incorporated into MFPs allows for greater multidimensional and advanced printing capabilities. This printer range combines Samsung’s best in class IT technology and Office Automation (OA) device expertise to create more innovative products for the OA market.”

A closer look at this new range of MFP’s reveals a variety of exciting and innovative features to benefit the business consumer:

User-friendly UX and personalisation
One of the MX4’s most sensational features is its Smart UX Centre. This is the same touch-based, customisable UX technology featured on the Samsung Galaxy® range of smartphones and tablets and is considered the industry’s first application of haptic feedback on a printer technology. This revolutionary advancement transforms the printing process by delivering a tactile experience that completely engages the user.

Printing without a PC
Samsung’s new MX4 series features a 10.1-inch full touchscreen panel that enables users to search and print from web browsers, emails, maps, images and a variety of content sources, all without the need to connect to a PC or server. It also offers the ability to preview documents while delivering editing and annotating capabilities.

Extensible and limitless connectivity
While the MX4’s Android OS allows on-the-go connectivity through Samsung Cloud Print, the entire range is compatible with Samsung’s eXtensible Open Architecture (XOA) printing solution platform and can be customised to meet specialised business needs.

Improved NFC printing technology
Because Samsung’s MX4 MFPs have been upgraded to NFC Pro (available and sold separately), the products allow easy access from smartphones for mobile printing, a stronger user authentication process and improved IT administrative functions, such as the ability to easily clone the same security settings on multiple MFPs by simply tapping on the NFC Pro accessory.

High quality and reliable technology
The MX4 models not only increase business efficiency and productivity, the models also deliver faster document processing speed thanks to its 1GHz dual-core CPU, while enabling multiple users to print and scan large documents without disruption. Better yet, the long lasting toner and drum technologies extend lifespan, resulting in superior reliability and lower total cost of ownership.

Samsung’s MX4 series offers A3 and A4, colour and monochrome printing solutions to the business consumer. In order to obtain more information about this amazing new range of MFP’s visit

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