Amazon and the Future of the OP Industry

OPI is pleased to announce the launch of its latest research study aimed at helping office products leaders understand and plan for the dynamic changes sweeping through the industry.

In the recently-published study ‘The State of the OP Industry 2013-14’, the views and expectations of over 50 leading business products CEOs were analysed. The majority of those leaders interviewed believed that the distribution channel most likely to gain market share in the coming years was Amazon/eBay.
There is no doubt that Amazon – as well as other broad line e-commerce specialists such as eBay – will be a major factor in the future of the OP industry. However, little is known about their current and potential B2B customer base for office products. For example:

  • What types of businesses have bought OP from Amazon in the last 12 months?
  • What kinds of products – and what share of end-users’ total OP purchases – are currently being purchased via Amazon?
  • What are the perceived benefits and disbenefits of buying OP from Amazon?
  • What are the perceptions of service from Amazon, compared to other major national OP resellers?
  • What are the perceptions of the Amazon Basics brand?
  • To what extent is Amazon used for making price comparisons with offline resellers?
  • Which OP supply channels have lost out to Amazon?
  • Do customers navigate directly to Amazon or do they just search for products online and find themselves at Amazon?
  • Once at the Amazon site, do customers prefer to buy from Amazon or from an Amazon Marketplace seller?
  • How will OP sourcing from Amazon change in future?

 All of these key questions will be addressed in Swimming With Piranha*, a new joint research study by OPI and Martin Wilde Associates (MWA), specialist researchers to the global OP market.
The results of interviews with almost a thousand B2B end-user OP buyers in the US and UK will be available in the autumn/fall, although many of the trends uncovered will undoubtedly apply to other developed western markets where Amazon or local e-commerce specialists also have a strong and growing presence.
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There is a 25% discount if ordering before 14 July 2014.
Steve Hilleard
* Why Piranha? Piranhas live in the rivers of several South American countries, including the Amazon. While they tend to hunt alone, occasionally a whole shoal will go into a feeding frenzy and strip a much larger fish or mammal of its flesh in no time. There may be an analogy here….

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