A ‘Package Deal’ for Businesses: Pitney Bowes SA ‘ticks all the boxes’ with dynamic new CartonWrap packaging solution

The need to procure and stockpile pre-made boxes and filling materials could be a thing of the past with a new packaging product, CMC’s CartonWrap, an innovative new system which produces various sized boxes, in line and on demand.

Manufactured by CMC, an Italian-based company specialising in packaging machinery design, CartonWrap represents a new concept in automated packaging, aimed at e-commerce businesses and other companies which have a wide variety of packaging needs. 

This is according to Victor Queiroz, Executive Manager at Pitney Bowes South Africa.

“This product, which is distributed, serviced and supported by Pitney Bowes South Africa, enables boxes of varying sizes to be produced from an inexpensive corrugated cardboard reel in real time, at high production speeds in a stand-alone or production line configured environment,” says Queiroz.

He adds that the Cartonwrap can be configured to meet customers’ workflow needs such as adding instruction manuals, packing lists, invoices, shipping tariff calculations, labels and many other functions. These are all automated on a single line in one single step, with total integrity, product traceability and a 100% audit trail.

For Pitney Bowes SA, a company which provides technology solutions to small, mid-size and large firms to enable optimised processes and customer service, this technology provides another step towards increased productivity and efficiency through innovative automation.

“The CartonWrap provides a flexible, on-site solution for varied packing needs with the benefit of a significant reduction in packaging materials and shipping volume.

We believe that users of CartonWrap can expect many benefits, including effectively lowering operational and shipping costs, improving customer satisfaction and significant environmental benefits in their packaging processes,” comments Michael Springer, Managing Director of Pitney Bowes South Africa.

Springer explains how CMC CartonWrap works: “The boxes are formed around the product to be packed, based on product dimensions which are fed to the carton former by means of a scanner at the start of the process. An infinite range of box sizes can be produced, eliminating the need for stockpiling pre-made boxes. There is no wasted packaging material, no requirement for fillers, reduced storage footprint and optimised shipping costs.”

Not only is CartonWrap environmentally-friendly, because it minimises packing waste, but it is also user-friendly. An intuitive operator interface facilitates ease of use and quick machine set-up.

“CMC has invested heavily in research and development (R&D), specifically in areas which identify solutions which meet internet requirements. The company represents the best in Italian creativity,” explains Queiroz. “CartonWrap technology meets a market requirement in a way that is both efficient and innovative.”

“Although the product is aimed at companies which need to procure and stock multiple size boxes to satisfy varying packaging needs, the options are limitless. This is new technology which has exciting and positive applications for a range of industries,” he adds.

The CMC CartonWrap received first prize at last year’s international Processing and Packaging Machinery Association (PPMA) awards where its benefits were demonstrated to potential customers from around the world. Attendees were suitably impressed to witness CartonWrap quickly and efficiently wrap items as diverse as saucepans, books, sky boxes and games, according to Springer.

“Pitney Bowes is excited to introduce this dynamic new product to South African businesses; and we believe that this is just the start of further developments in the packaging industry.  It is a boxing solution which truly ‘ticks all the boxes’, including the important ones of saving time, saving costs and looking after the environment,” he concludes.


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