75% of online shopping carts are abandoned

Retailers are continually tackling shopping cart abandonment, but according to Q1 2016 research, the digital shopping cart abandonment rate is high worldwide, at a startling 74,3%.

Data from SaleCycle, which represents activity among the company’s clients, revealed that Asia-Pacific has the highest abandonment rate in the world, at 75,9%—though no region differed from the global average by more than 2,8 percentage points.

By and large, retailers are constantly looking at ways to overcome shopping cart abandonment. According to research from Listrak, more top 1 000 retailers have sent a shopping cart abandonment message in 2015 compared to prior years.

Additionally, US merchants are using retargeting to reach shopping cart abandoners. In fact, Multichannel Merchant found that more than half of US companies, including B2B merchants and retailers, said they used retargeting for this purpose.

This makes abandoned shopping carts a reason to have another touchpoint with customers – and the success rates of triggered e-mails based on abandoned carts, for example, also suggest abandoned carts can be a positive.

Source: www.emarketer.com

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