22 May is send a letter Sunday

The history of postal services in Southern Africa can be traced back over 500 years. In 1500 the captain of a Portuguese ship, Petro D’Ataide, placed a letter in a milkwood tree at Mossel Bay.

However, the first clear use of a device that could be called an envelope dates back to 2 000 BC in ancient Babylon. This envelope was made of a clay wrapping that could protect deeds, bookkeeping forms, mortgages, financial accounts and even letters from the elements while in storage.

Envelopes can also be used for other purposes, like:

• Scrapbooking / memory books – use the envelopes to create pockets and mini-folders in a scrapbook
• Wedding guestbooks
• Notebook/diary storage pockets
• Receipt organising
• Noticeboard organiser
• Place cards
• Advent calendar
• Budgeting

And so, as we celebrate write a letter day today, take a sheet, jot down a special message for someone you care about and send it in an envelope! The recipient will feel extra special, and you will know that you supported an industry that has been around for a very long time.


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