How to create a stationery cake

Source: Daily Mail

Stationery cakes are fast becoming the popular gifts for teachers and parents this holiday season.

The very handy bundles usually include pencil case staples like felt markers, coloured pencils and pens.

They can also have exciting additions depending on the who it is for, including glitter, chalk, scissors and glue.

One mum who was initially stuck for ideas for her children’s teacher’s Christmas presents ended up making them stationery cakes. She said the teachers were thrilled with the gift.

“They noted it as one of the most creative and thoughtful gifts they had ever received,” mother said.

Teachers can use the packs for classes the following year, saving them time and money as they don’t have to buy supplies themselves.

And teachers appear to love it as well.

“So clever. As an educator myself you can never get enough resources,” one said.

“This is the best gift ever, supplies go so fast,” another said.

How to make a stationery cake

You will need:

  • A variety of stationery such as coloured markers, glitter, pencils, chalk, scissors and glue
  • A firm, round cardboard base such as used for a cake, or a round plate or tray
  • Round plastic containers, either empty or containing stationery, to form the tiers
  • Ribbon or tinsel for decorating

Place your round container on the tray and secure with tape, glue or prestick.
Place a rubber band around the container, then add pencils, pens or markers until the entire bucket is hidden.
Add another rubber band around the pencils and bucket and make a layer of glue bottles around the bottom of the cake.
Use a second, smaller bucket or container to create the second team. Add crayon boxes around the sides and with a rubber band. Fill in the sides of this layer with erasers, scissors, and other items.
Use tinsel or ribbon to tie around the rubber bands on each layer of the cake.

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