20 May is Fountain Pen Friday

A fountain pen is a type of pen that delivers water-based liquid ink through a nib. The ink flows from a reservoir through a “feed” to the nib, and then through it. The nib has no moving parts and delivers ink through a thin slit to the writing surface by means of gravity.
Fountain pen reservoirs can be refillable or disposable. A pen with a refillable reservoir uses a piston-like mechanism to draw ink from a bottle through the nib. Alternatively, it must be refilled with an eyedropper. Refill reservoirs, also known as cartridge converters, are available for some pens which use disposable ink cartridges.

Who invented the fountain pen?

  • Peregrin Williamson, a Baltimore shoemaker, received the first American patent for such a pen in 1809.
  • John Scheffer received a British patent in 1819 for a half-quill-half-metal pen that he attempted to mass manufacture.
  • John Jacob Parker patented the first self-filling fountain pen in 1831.

Ten facts about fountain pens:

  1. With a fountain pen, you can write upside-down. It may sound strange, but you can write in a very finely. The writing won’t be perfect (it will be scratchy), but it’s definitely possible. This is a cool trick to impress your stationery friends!
  2. The first records of a so-called fountain pen date back to around 950AD. The pen was created by request, as previous designs would leak over the user.
  3. Every fountain pen is unique! After using your fountain pen for a long time, the nib slowly personalises itself to your handwriting. The tip wears out exactly to your style, making it challenging to lend your pen out to other pen pals!
  4. This might come as a surprise, but left-handed people more often use fountain pens than right-handed people.
  5. Fountain pens come in all sizes, shapes, and colours; the largest dip pen ever produced measured over 7 feet and wrote surprisingly nicely on a gigantic piece of paper.
  6. More than 100-million fountain pens are sold annually. The biggest markets are China, India, Pakistan and the Middle East.
  7. In the last few decades, a fountain pen has shifted from a piece of necessary writing equipment to a luxury item. Even though people are using digital writing tools much more, the sales of ink pens have been on the rise for five consecutive years!
  8. Writing with a fountain pen reduces hand pain, cramps and hand fatigue. Because an ink pen writes more smoothly and flows over the paper, you have to use less pressure while writing. The pen writes by using its own weight, relieving your hand from doing the heavy work.
  9. When you give a unique fountain pen to someone, the first thing they will write is their own name. This is true for over 95% of the people!
  10. With a standard small ink cartridge, you can write around 2 500 words.

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