16 May is ‘make-a-note’ day!

16 May is international “make-a-note” day.

There are several benefits to taking notes in your own handwriting:

  • Your ability to focus on the topic at hand increases
  • Your comprehension improves
  • You will be able to understand and process more information
  • Your memory will improve
  • It may inspire your creativity
  • It keeps your mind engaged
  • Your attention span is extended
  • Your information will be more organised
  • It is also a form of relaxation when you use a journal.

From diaries to journals

The modern diary has its origins in fifteenth-century Italy where diaries were used for accounting. Gradually, the focus of diaries shifted from that of recording public life to reflecting the private one. Leonardo da Vinci filled 5 000 pages of journals with ideas for inventions and astute observations.

Journalling is an art form that involves the writing down thoughts and feelings in a creative or beautiful way to try and understand them better. It can help you have more control over your emotions, and allow you to cope with stress, depression and anxiety.

Journalling has grown in popularity, with scrapbooking one of the best known methods of journaling. By making your memories or thoughts stand out, you tend to remember better and celebrate life.

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