100% Design South Africa to see Mr Price Home Colab Cafe collaboration

100% Design South Africa is pleased to announce that Mr Price Home is celebrating their ongoing collaboration with leading South African designers in a feature at the exhibition called The Mr Price Home Colab Café.


The Colab Café will be the centre part of the 100% Design South Africa which runs alongside Decorex Joburg from the 6th to the 10th of August at Gallagher Convention Centre and ispresented by Dauphin HumanDesign® Group, Condé Nast House & Garden and The Home Channel.


Renowned for interpreting international trends and developing home-grown designs the creative team at Mr Price Home embarked on a journey in 2012 of collaboration with the phenomenal talent alive and thriving in South Africa. Working with a diverse range of designers and design companies, Wola Nani, Lisa Firer, Terry Angelo, Mick and Sally Haigh, Jan Douglas, Kiekie, Andy Cartwright, Ed Suter, Michael Chandler, Amanda du Plessis, Rorkes Drift ELC Arts and Craft Centre, Mervyn Gers, Rene Roussouw, Michele Aubourg, Mia Widlake, Robin Weeks and Sue Sylvester the Mr Price Home team have produced hugely popular and affordable designs for all.


Yanni Vasloo, Merchandise Director of Mr Price Home explains ‘Our COLAB initiative was born out of the love and excitement we feel every day, in our in-house design studio, when we create the product ranges we offer, and extending it through working with trending South African Designers. To quote Sir Terrace Conran, “the democratisation of design is the great opportunity to sell to a wider domestic audience” and this is what continues to inspire us to develop ranges with SA talent. We are super excited to show a retrospective of COLAB work done over the past 24 months, as 100% is the authentic vehicle that brings together industry experts, new direction and most of all great  SA design, whilst agitating the industry status quo and creating design velocity.’


Laurence Brick, Creative Director of 100% Design South Africa explains why having Mr Price Home at the inaugural showing of 100% Design South Africa is important for South African design. ‘Our exhibition is primarily about design-lead products however being design-focussed does not mean that a product has to be expensive. Mr Price Home produces affordable design which speaks to a huge variety of people and they push designers to create accessible design therefore breaking down the barriers of design understanding.’


The Colab Café will feature much of the Colab work by Mr Price Home and the South African designers in a retrospective exhibition set in a casual restaurant environment at 100% Design South Africa. Many of the designers will also be exhibiting at the show in their private capacity. These include Amanda du Plessis, Ed Suter, Mick Haigh, Mervyn Gers, Sue Sylvester, and Lisa Firer.


  COLAB can be found in selected Mr Price Home stores or visit www.mrphome.com to find out more about this range…


For more information and images on the brands at 100% Design South Africa or interviews with any of the participants please contact

Cathy O’Clery +27 (0)72 772 4463 cathy.100percentdesign@ThebeReed.co.za

Maryn Van Biljon +27 (0)82 528 7937 maryn.van.biljon@gmail.com

Web site: www.100percentdesign.co.za

Facebook: 100 Percent Design South Africa Twitter: 100designsa

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