10 useful items of Japanese stationery

The Japanese are inventors at heart. Below are some of the useful items of stationery they have invented over the years.

Waterproof memo pads

According to researchers, this paper is so strong that even when wet it won’t rip when you touch it. If you use a waterproof pen, the ink won’t run, and you can even write on it using a pencil while it’s underwater. You can use it while you’re at waterfront spots like beaches or even daily in the kitchen near a sink, but it’s also priceless during times of disaster.

Static electricity sticky board

This static board allow you to easily clean your desk by sorting through and posting your most important notes.

Erasable pen

This pen uses a special ink that gets erased using the frictional heat between the paper and the rubber eraser. It erases so completely the paper looks like you’ve painted it white. Another one if its special points is that the eraser doesn’t shed.

Staple-less stapler

According to the original paper factory that created it, you can use this stapler to bind papers together without using staples. Because of that, it can be used safely by children and it’s also ecologically friendly because it doesn’t require staples to be made.

Personal information stamp

There are many documents that have personal information on them that most people don’t want anyone else to see. If you shred them one by one your information is secure but the garbage piles up and it also takes a lot of time. Instead of that, this roller stamp will come in handy. The design printed on the stamp will completely mask any personal information you use it on.

Utility tape that doesn’t use glue

This tape was developed to make use of its special construction. Both sides of the tape will stick to itself but not to anything else. It’s something you can use in all facets of your everyday life.

Castanet scissors

With these scissors, you just have to lightly grip the wooden part in order to cut. Elderly people with weak grip strength can use it, and since the blades are covered, children can safely use them too. It can be used to cut out detailed designs. Though it’s surreal that the sound of castanets rings through the room every time you make a cut, that is also a very Japanese design experience.

Two-twist pencil sharpener

This pencil sharpener is made to sharpen the pencil once you turn it left and right. Since it’s not necessary to rotate it either, you also don’t have to keep taking the pencil out to check its sharpness.

Super-thin labels

As you can see, these labels are so thin you can use them in the smallest of spaces without hesitation. Since they are also made of semi-translucent paper, you can use them on top of text in order to highlight it will still being able to read it.

Stand-alone pencil case

Everyone has had the experience of being unable to find the pen, eraser, ruler, etc. that they need in the middle of all the stuff they have in their pencil case. With this pencil case, sa you can see it stands up and makes it very easy to find what you need when you need it.

Source: www.tsunagujapan.com
Images: www.tsunagujapan.com

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