Mecer ad misses the mark?

South African computer manufacturer Mecer has released an ad celebrating three decades of locally-manufactured products. According to Business Insider, the ad “features a crew of singing and dancing people (presumably employees) in a factory, celebrating local...

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Xerox moves into metal 3D printing

Source: RTM US printing giant Xerox has moved into metal 3D printing with the acquisition of New York-based start-up Vader Systems – creator of the first liquid metal 3-D printer for manufacturing. The process uses aluminum, which opens up potential signage...

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Rain and Huawei roll out high-speed 5G in SA

By Siseko Njobeni for Business Live SA’s data-only network operator Rain, which is partly owned by businessmen Patrice Motsepe, Paul Harris and Michael Jordaan, has partnered with Chinese telecoms giant Huawei to roll out the high-speed 5G network by the middle of...

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What the 2019 budget means for you

By Dewald Van Rensburg for City Press The 2019 budget review report deceptively promises that this year’s budget speech will “not increase taxes” but actually a number of minor taxes will increase from the start of the new tax year on April 1. Major taxes like valued...

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Capitec announces fee cuts

By Angelique Arde for Business Day Capitec is cutting its fees. The bank, which normally announces its fee increases in March, made the announcement a week before new digital bank TymeBank is due to host an investor day, upping the ante in what could be a banking fee...

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15 000 CCTV cameras coming to Jo’burg

Source: Vumacam Vumatel unveiled its CCTV platform Vumacam this week, which it hopes will help make South Africa’s streets and neighbourhoods safer. The Vumacam system is initially only available in Johannesburg, and currently consists of 889 cameras covering 48...

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You’ve got e-mail: what’s your email answering etiquette?

By Adam Grant for The New York Times  Whether you’re a devout practitioner of “inbox-zero” or a functional e-mail hoarder, you probably have some sort of professional philosophy on e-mail. But is there an optimal approach? Yes, we’re all overwhelmed with email. One...

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Cellular networks struggle as loadshedding continues

By James de Villiers for Business Insider SA SA’s two largest cellular networks warn that network connection might be lost if load shedding continues. Batteries take up to 18 hours to recharge, and if electricity is repeatedly disrupted, it may result in network...

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New TymeBank signs up 50 000 users

Although the bank only soft-launched at the end of 2018, TymeBank has already signed up 50 000 customers. This is according to Business Tech, who heard from the company’s CEO, Sandile Shabalala, at the BusinessTech Digital Banking Conference on Wednesday....

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SA’s go-to loadshedding app

By James de Villiers for Business Insider SA Load shedding application EskomSePush went from 2,500 active users a week ago to over 400,000 on Tuesday. This after Eskom implemented load shedding stage 4 for the first time in history. Two friends created the...

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How to choose a UPS for your needs

Judging by the state of Eskom, loadshedding is here to stay. So what is the best solution to get you through the average 4-hour load shedding schedule? A generator, or a UPS with long life batteries? It really all depends on your circumstances. If your business or...

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