Facebook to add ‘Clear History’ feature

By Katie Canales for Business Insider US  Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has announced a new privacy control called “Clear History”. It would be similar to clearing your Web browser’s history — what you’ve clicked on, the websites you frequent,...

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Microsoft plans to rid users of passwords forever

By Alison DeNisco Rayome for Tech Republic Microsoft is doubling down on its promise to rid the world of passwords and replace them with more convenient and secure options, the company announced in a Tuesday blog post. “Nobody likes passwords. They are...

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Top tricks used by card fraudsters in SA

By Timothy Rangongo for Business Insider SA  Source: South African Banking Risk Information Centre The South African Banking Risk Information Centre (Sabric) has released its card fraud statistics for 2017. South Africa’s banking industry was hit with a 1% increase in...

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The reinvention of Nokia

By Wesley Diphoko for IOL  Nokia has existed for more than 100 years. Nokia has brought us what we know today as the mobile phone. It has also experienced ups and downs that saw it changing hands from one company to the other. Now that the oldest mobile phone brand is...

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The rise of zombie accounts: is deleted data really gone?

By Lizzie Plaugic for The Verge On a recent Sunday, creative director Jason Debiak was having breakfast with his family in New Jersey, when something strange happened. “I was having an adorable breakfast with my family, my 2-year-old daughter and my wife,” he says....

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Is your Gmail account spamming you?

By Annie Palmer for Daily Mail A new spam attack is tricking a wave of Gmail users into thinking their account has been hacked. Numerous users have reported that their inboxes were flooded with spam emails titled things like ‘growth supplements’. However,...

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Apple’s leaked memo warns leakers to stop leaking leaks

By Chris Merriman for The Inquirer  We’re not ones to tattle. But it seems that Apple has a tattling problem and it’s manifesting in an email about tattling. Let’s put it another way, a leaker within the Apple business has leaked a memo warning...

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FNB launches mobile bank account for unbanked consumers

By Thandi Skade for Destiny Connect FNB has announced the launch eWallet eXtra, a mobile offering that enables unbanked South Africans to open a bank account remotely via their cellphones. The service, which is scheduled for launch in June, will enable consumers to...

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Netflix subscriber count hits 125-million

Netflix’s first quarterly report for the 2018 financial year shows that after notching its most subscriber additions in Q4 2017 (8.33 million) it barely slowed down. Over the last three months, it added another 7.4 million subscribers (1.96 million of them in...

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Home Depot is launching its biggest tech hiring spree ever

By Jason Del Rey for Recode With a stock price that has increased 135% over the last five years, Home Depot remains one of the few giant brick-and-mortar retailers to find success in the age of Amazon. Now, the $200 billion home improvement retailer is going on the...

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How to find out if Facebook shared your data

By Alex Hern for The Guardian  Facebook has started the process of notifying the approximately 87 million users whose data was harvested by the election consultancy Cambridge Analytica. The social network eventually hopes to inform every user who was affected with a...

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Police take IT supplier to court

By Angelique Serrao for News24 The battle between the police and a supplier that switched off access to critical IT systems last week has hit the courts. Last week, Forensic Data Analysts (FDA), a police supplier which has been accused of corruption, threatened to...

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