How to stop your smartphone from ruining your life

By Jodie Cook for Forbes We win at life when we are in control of the devices that we use to facilitate our day-to-day. We lose at life when they control us. Addiction is defined as a compulsion towards a particular substance or activity. Being addicted to your...

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Samsung unveils vertical TV for millennials

By Joel Hruska for Extreme Tech  Samsung has unveiled a line of concept televisions, including one intended for mobile-friendly content and Millennial buyers. According to the company’s PR, the new model — referred to in an image as “The Sero” and as “The Vertical” in...

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Look out for these five WhatsApp scams

By Jamie McKane for MyBroadband WhatsApp has become the most prominent messaging platform across many parts of the world, offering a range of features which enable faster and more convenient communication. The application also boasts impressive security, with...

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Millions of people still use the world’s weakest password

By Cheryl Kahla for The South African The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), a UK cyber security watchdog, recently released their list of the most-used passwords on the Internet. A quick look at the most common passwords is enough to know that a lot of work still...

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How AI is growing in the workplace

So far the effects of artificial intelligence (AI) have been slow to reveal themselves in businesses in South Africa but the scale of the oncoming change is starting to become apparent overseas. Isla Galloway-Gaul, MD of Inspiration Office, says: “AI’s influence is...

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10 smartphone habits hindering your success

By Allana Akhtar for Business Insider US  Being on your phone at work, once the sign of a bad employee, is now the norm. Text messages are “making deep inroads” in workplaces across America, says Wall Street Journal reporter Te-Ping Chen. Yet messaging...

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How to detect and avoid online scams

By David and Libby Koch for Digital technology, social media and e-mail have changed the way we communicate – but it also gives criminals easier access to victims. Online scams are so sophisticated and appear so authentic that they are conning...

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Why does it cost bank customers R1.10 to send an email?

By Kevin Lancaster for MyBroadband Discovery Bank, Bank Zero, and TymeBank – South Africa’s newest banks – are set to “disrupt” the local banking scene in 2019. Disrupt – an almost meaningless word which is akin to “millennial” in terms of its flagrant use by anyone...

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E-commerce could create 3m jobs in Africa

Source: Fin24 Online marketplaces establishing themselves across Africa could create around 3-million new jobs by 2025. These digital platforms, which match buyers and providers of goods and services, could also raise incomes and boost inclusive economic growth with...

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S&P downgrades Cell C

By Gugu Lourie for Tech Financials  South Africa’s troubled mobile operator, Cell C, has been downgraded on liquidity and refinancing risks concerns, Standard & Poor’s (S&P) Global Ratings has said in a statement. Cell C faces considerable short-term liquidity...

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