Cellular networks struggle as loadshedding continues

By James de Villiers for Business Insider SA SA’s two largest cellular networks warn that network connection might be lost if load shedding continues. Batteries take up to 18 hours to recharge, and if electricity is repeatedly disrupted, it may result in network...

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New TymeBank signs up 50 000 users

Although the bank only soft-launched at the end of 2018, TymeBank has already signed up 50 000 customers. This is according to Business Tech, who heard from the company’s CEO, Sandile Shabalala, at the BusinessTech Digital Banking Conference on Wednesday....

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SA’s go-to loadshedding app

By James de Villiers for Business Insider SA Load shedding application EskomSePush went from 2,500 active users a week ago to over 400,000 on Tuesday. This after Eskom implemented load shedding stage 4 for the first time in history. Two friends created the...

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How to choose a UPS for your needs

Judging by the state of Eskom, loadshedding is here to stay. So what is the best solution to get you through the average 4-hour load shedding schedule? A generator, or a UPS with long life batteries? It really all depends on your circumstances. If your business or...

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Researcher reveals Eskom data leak

By Charlie Osborne for Zero Day  In what may be a case of “if we ignore it, it will go away,” South Africa’s largest electricity company has become the subject of the public exposure of customer data after ignoring researcher pleas to resolve the...

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WhatsApp introduces new privacy settings for iPhone

Edited by Neo Sesinye for IT News Africa Popular Facebook-owned chat service WhatsApp has updated its iOS app, on Tuesday, 05 February with support for biometric authentication, allowing users to ‘lock’ the app with Face ID or Touch ID. To activate the new feature,...

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Google poured billions into its business in 2018

By Julie Bort for Business Insider US Google doubled its capital expenditure spending in 2018 to R344-billion, which included spending on offices and tech infrastructure. Its cloud unit also got the lion’s share of new hires in the quarter, the CFO of parent...

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Get more consistent printing from your printer

By Eyal Goldshmid for TCPalm Typically, when one sees faded printing, it indicates that that your ink levels are low or that the ink has been exhausted from a cartridge. If ink levels are full, then the problem may be caused by something faulty inside the printer,...

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Facebook to merge WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger

By Sarah Frier for Bloomberg/Fin24  Facebook chief executive officer Mark Zuckerberg is planning to integrate the chat tools on the WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger services, a move that could help the social media giant identify users’ identities across all...

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US charges Huawei for trade secret theft, fraud

By Abrar Al-Heeti for C-NET The US Department of Justice on Monday charged Huawei with theft of trade secrets, wire fraud and obstruction of justice. A 10-count indictment alleges that China’s Huawei stole trade secrets from US carrier T-Mobile beginning in...

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772m leaked e-mail addresses part of something much bigger

By Jack More for Mashable  They wouldn’t have numbered it if it was the only one. On 16 January, security research Troy Hunt uploaded a massive cache of leaked e-mails and passwords to his invaluable website have i been pwned. The 87GB dataset, dubbed...

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