Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has died

Source: MyBroadband/Bloomberg Paul Allen, who co-founded Microsoft Corp. with fellow billionaire Bill Gates and used the fortune he made from the iconic technology company to invest in professional sports teams, cable TV and real estate, has died. He was 65. Allen...

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Survey illustrates Internet users’ attitude to ads

Source: eMarketer A recent survey conducted by eMarketer has illustrated how the average American Internet user feels about digital advertising. The majority of respondents felt that advertisers were “too aggressive” in the way they were tracked online....

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Windows 10 update deletes user files

By Peter Bright for ARS Technica  Last week, Microsoft started distributing the Windows 10 October 2018 Update, version 1809, to Windows users who manually checked for updates. The company has now halted that rollout after many reports that installing the update is...

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Bug proves lethal to Google+

Source: Business Day Google is shutting down the consumer version of its online social network after fixing a bug exposing private data in as many as 500 000 accounts. The US internet giant said it will “sunset” the Google+ social network for consumers. It...

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Facebook is hit by a new viral hoax message

By Harry Pettit for Daily Mail  Facebook officials have warned of a new viral hoax message that is fooling users into thinking there is a problem with their account. The fake message claims your account has been cloned – meaning someone has created a new account...

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50-million Facebook accounts ‘directly affected’ by hack

By Jack Morse for Mashable  A million hacked Facebook accounts isn’t cool. You know what’s even less cool? Fifty million hacked Facebook accounts. A Friday morning press release from our connect-people-at-any-cost friends in Menlo Park detailed a potentially...

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Google turns 20

By Mikelle Leow for Design Taxi On 27 September, Google turned 20 years old. It’s difficult to remember a world without the convenience of looking things up on the Internet; for many young adults, the scenario would seem impossible. “When Google started 20 years ago,...

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Netflix to release interactive TV shows

By Laura Bradley for Vanity Fair If adding a “Skip Intro” button was controversial, it’s hard to imagine the firestorm that Netflix’s latest idea could ignite. According to a new report, the streaming giant is making a brave new foray into interactive television—and...

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Old DStv decoders will likely become obsolete

By Jamie McKane for MyBroadband MultiChoice recently announced the launch of its first channel being broadcast on high-band frequencies, utilising the company’s new DStv satellite it launched in 2016. The new channel is a Nigerian channel named NTA International,...

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Microsoft Office is more dangerous than you think

By Alison DeNisco Rayome for Tech Republic  Microsoft Office documents packed with malicious macros are the most common malware loader of the past month, accounting for 45% of all delivery mechanisms analysed, according to a Thursday report from Cofense. Office Macros...

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