South Africa’s highest salaries

South Africa’s highest salaries

Nov 16, 2016

Jobs portal CareerJunction has updated its salary trends data for 2016, showing how salaries vary across 10 sectors in South Africa – and what employees can expect to earn at intermediate and senior level, including management.

The data is an update on a report published in April 2016 – showing that there have been some significant changes in what has been an economically turbulent year.

The report differs from the April review in that it focuses on intermediate and senior staff salaries, and includes the salary ranges for management and senior management.

The review is compiled exclusively for the South African workforce and HR/recruitment professionals, and is based on over 30,000 job listings on the CareerJunction website.

Salaries listed below are split into sectors (listed alphabetically), and include the highest and lowest-paying jobs in each industry, excluding management. Management salaries are included at the bottom of each list, where applicable.

It must be noted that the salaries are listed as a range, and will differ depending on where you live, your experience and skill level.


** indicates where salary information was not available due to low market demand for those skill sets.

Admin, Office, and Support

  • Highest paid: Health, safety and environment – R30,143
  • Lowest paid: Tellers and cashiers – R6,295


Building and Construction

  • Highest paid: Civil engineers – R64,321
  • Lowest paid: Construction/Demolition equipment operator – R13,815


Design, Media and Arts

  • Highest paid: Web design/Multimedia/3D design – R34,056
  • Lowest paid: Photographers – R9,917


Engineering and Architecture

  • Highest paid: Civil/Structural Engineers – R62,637
  • Lowest paid: Drafting Engineers – R19,070



  • Highest paid: Corporate lending – R73,650
  • Lowest paid: Financial services consulting – R11,090



  • Highest paid: Technical and business architecture – R62,337
  • Lowest paid: Telecommunication technical product specialist – R16,917


Manufacturing and Assembly

  • Highest paid: Process control – R30,125
  • Lowest paid: Abattoir worker – R10,750




  • Highest paid: Communications and public relations – R40,982
  • Lowest paid: Shop decorations and visual display – R11,818



  • Highest paid: Account management – R32,708
  • Lowest paid: Retail employee – R9,855


Warehousing and Logistics

  • Highest paid: Logistics managers – R35,325
  • Lowest paid: Packing and packaging– R3,450