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What is going on between Huawei and Google?

By Tom Wiggins for Stuff You might have read that Google and Huawei have had a bit of a tiff this week. You can’t really pin the blame on either of them. Donald Trump issued an executive order that meant US-based companies were restricted from doing business with...

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Google stored user passwords in plaintext since 2005

By Zack Whittaker for Tech Crunch Google says a small number of its enterprise customers mistakenly had their passwords stored on its systems in plaintext. The search giant disclosed the exposure Tuesday but declined to say exactly how many enterprise customers were...

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South African elections 2019: myth and reality

By Riaan de Villiers for BizNews The 2019 national and provincial election elections have come and gone, leaving us all to face the consequences. The media have spread the message that the ANC has won the national election with a 57% share of the vote. While lower...

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Gauteng’s new school application system goes live

Source: Boksburg Advertiser The online system was introduced to make it easy and convenient for parents to submit applications rather than queue at a school. It has also provided accurate information to the department for planning purposes. The online application for...

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The value of published media: an ironic lesson from Netflix

Over the past few years much has been said about the demise of print and the perception that the traditional printed word is no longer the force it used to be. However, it seems that we may be coming full circle as once again the written word is being used to...

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Use your Trodat stamp to stamp paper bags

Get your name and brand out there!  With the banning of plastic bags by many retailers in South Africa more eco-friendly alternatives are in demand.  Stamping onto paper bags is especially popular in small to medium size businesses. The cost of printing is very...

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WhatsApp is hacked

Source: BBC WhatsApp has confirmed that a security flaw in the app let attackers install spy software on their targets’ smartphones. That has left many of its 1.5-billion users wondering how safe the “simple and secure” messaging app really is. On...

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Uber’s disappointing public listing made banks rich

By Lucinda Shen for Fortune As of Monday’s market close, those who bought into Uber at its IPO are down roughly $1.4 billion. But very early investors, and now, the bankers that helped take the company to market are in the green. Uber shelled out $106.2 million to a...

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