DIY homework caddies

Professional organiser Harmony Seiter has provided a step-by-step guide to creating an at-home homework station. A homework caddy is great for small spaces, multi-purpose spaces, and for kids who love to do their homework on the floor or away from a desk or table. •...

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The ultimate hobby machine

Say goodbye to unnecessary cords and create more space to work on your projects with the ultimate DIY machine from Cricut. The machine is hailed as all you need for craft hobbies like scrapbooking. The machine retails at approximately $300 (R3 800). There are so many...

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Artist makes dresses out of paper

Maria de Los Angeles, an artist from the United States, has created a number of dresses from paper. The dresses serve as a medium to speak about the history of colonialism, migration and those without a home.

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Reviving the lost art of handwriting

Handwritten notes: remember them? Such communication may have taken a digital drubbing but there are still some of us out there – and you know who you are – who get excited about stationery, whether it’s a worn leather notebook, a clean sheet of recycled paper or a set of sharp-pointed pencils.

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Japanese paper art takes on a new form

Ask a Japanese person what mizuhiki is, and you’ll get responses referring to the intricately twisted cord decoration found on traditional, celebratory gift-envelopes found in Japan.

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Old rulers make artwork at former school

The former Anthill Common Board School, which later became Denmead School, closed in 1972 and was taken over by Denmead Community Association. Recently the main hall had a major refurbishment and a number of items from the school were discovered under the floorboards – including piles of old rulers.

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Crafty ways to re-use wax crayons

It may not look like it, but a basket of worn-out wax crayons can be an incredible find. There are so many things you can make with these colourful little wax cylinders, apart from of course carefully colouring in those detailed drawings in a grown-up colouring book.

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Aussie artist creates wearable art with 3D pen

Australian artist Erica Gray, winner of the 2015 3Doodler Fashion Award, has picked up her 3D printing pen again to create Forms Organic, a wearable sculpture inspired by organic figures and animalistic imagery.

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