How the ANC broke Eskom

Source: MyBroadband Eskom was once so successful that it was supplying more than half the electricity in Africa. However, years of corruption, incompetence and political meddling has brought Eskom to its knees, and it is now begging for bailouts to stay afloat. The...

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Anti-counterfeit guide for HP Channel Partners

Throughout EMEA, counterfeiters try to illegally profit from the good reputation of original HP products. Protect your business as well as your customers from their illegal schemes with these tips: Click here to download...

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South Africa adopts Cybercrime Bill

Source: South Coast Sun Parliament’s Justice Committee officially adopted the Cybercrimes and Cybersecurity Bill last week. The Bill is aimed at bringing South Africa in line with other countries’ cyber laws and the threat of cybercrime, and it has introduced new laws...

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Onslaught of cyber-attacks on SA businesses

Source: Fin24 South African businesses of all sizes, including educational institutions, have been particularly hard hit by an onslaught of cyber-attacks, although this is not always public knowledge, according to Kerry Curtin, cyber risk expert at Aon South Africa....

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Fired Moyane demands reinstatement

Source: Fin24 Axed SARS boss Tom Moyane has written to President Cyril Ramaphosa demanding that Ramaphosa withdraw his letter of termination to Moyane before the end of the week. In a letter issued via his attorney Eric Mabuza on Tuesday, Moyane gave Ramaphosa a...

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All hope lost as Reserve Bank applies for VBS liquidation

By Genevieve Quintal for Business Live The VBS Mutual Bank is “hopelessly insolvent” and should be wound up as the purpose and object of the bank no longer exists. This is according to the Reserve Bank’s Prudential Authority’s application to the high court in...

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Cancelled FNB bank cards used to make payments

Source: MyBroadband If your bank card gets stolen and you cancel it, this does not automatically mean that all payments from it will be blocked. This was the case when two FNB customers contacted MyBroadband about their frustrating experiences with the bank. The...

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OUTA warns of e-toll malware scam

OUTA has notified members on its Facebook page that a highly suspicious SMS is doing the rounds with regards to e-tolls. The organisation notes that before members of the public can appear in any court for any matter, they need to be summonsed. This SMS is a scam to...

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Telkom charges SAPS twice for the same work

Source: MyBroadband Telkom, the partly state-owned South African telecommunications company, is billing the national police service for two contracts that cover virtually the same work, five people familiar with the situation said. The Pretoria-based company secured a...

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Government racks up R72.6bn irregular expenditure bill

By Luke Daniel for The South African  Government departments and state owned enterprises (SOE) have accumulated irregular expenditure exceeding R72.6-billion. This is according to an analysis undertaken by the official opposition party, the Democratic Alliance (DA),...

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