To celebrate Helix’s 125th anniversary, Silveray Statmark Company (SSC), distributor of Helix products in South Africa, has chosen to share the Helix success in a most inspired way: for every Helix Oxford maths set sold from July 1, 2012 to June 30, 2013, 25c will be donated to The Reach For A Dream Foundation.

Whilst the Helix name has always been associated with school stationery, its impressive reputation is largely due to the Helix Oxford maths set, over 200 million having been sold for use by children worldwide.

Special packaging has been designed for the Oxford maths set, highlighting the commitment to The Reach For A Dream Foundation through the 25c donation
per set.

Since Helix products – and especially the maths set – have helped millions of children to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in their chosen careers, it seems most fitting that children fighting life-threatening illnesses should also be given the chance to reach for their dreams through the Helix Oxford set. Linking the brand to this most worthy cause is truly inspiring.

The enduring, international success of the Oxford maths set, launched 50 years ago, is not surprising. It was Helix that invented the ‘Ring Compass’ and it was Helix that patented the safety points on the compass and dividers
to ensure the user was safe from harm that could be caused by sharp points. Helix also patented the Self Centring mechanism on the compass together with the “Cam Lock” pencil retainer to ensure complete accuracy at all times.

SSC and Helix feel privileged to be part of The Reach For A Dream Foundation’s mission to give affected children hope of a fighting chance against their illnesses through the power of their dreams. “Knowing that whatever support we give will help fulfil a dream, is very rewarding,” says Barry Macaulay, brand manager for Helix, “and the funds raised will go towards the organisation’s many national projects, including Camp Sunshine and the Jabulani Kingdom Hospital Entertainment. We couldn’t have chosen a more inspiring CSI partner.”

The Reach For A Dream Foundation reaches 30 000 children every year and fulfils five dreams a day, every day of the year. The organisation’s impressive record is summed up in what they fulfilled in one 365-day period:

*1 500 dreams * 34 Queen for a Day projects * 34 Captain Courageous projects
* 225 outings – from movies to soccer world cup games * 24 camps for inspirational children * 444 Jabulani visits to children in hospital * and inspired 18 000 seriously ill children across the country to laugh.

You can be part of the SSC and Helix initiative by stocking up on a Helix Oxford maths set with its special Reach For A Dream packaging.

OS X Mountain Lion has arrived. And so have three better-than-ever Mac notebooks. Which means there’s never been a better time to upgrade your current Mac or get an amazing new one.

Great new features come to the Mac. Send iMessages. Set reminders. Get notifications. Tweet straight from the app you’re in. And with iCloud, your Mac works even better with your iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.1 Available now in the Mac App Store.

The all-new MacBook Pro is the ultimate high-performance notebook. It features a stunning Retina display with over five million pixels, an ultra-fast all-flash architecture and the latest quad-core Intel processors – all in an incredibly thin and light design.

MacBook Pro is ready for anything. Now featuring faster processors and the latest graphics, it gives you the power you need for advanced photo editing, music composition, HD movie editing and more.

MacBook Air is thin, light and durable enough to take anywhere. And with the latest Intel processors and faster flash storage, it has even more power for everyday things like email, web surfing, photo organising and editing, and FaceTime HD video calls.


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Do the best salespeople make the best sales managers? Almost unanimously, when we ask sales leaders this question, the answer is “no.” Yet paradoxically, and too often, sales leaders look for candidates among the sales ranks and select the best salesperson for the manager job. They assume that because an individual was successful in sales, that individual will be successful in management too. 

Of course, many great salespeople can and do become great managers. But this is not always the case. An associate from AMP Payment Systems warns that too often, when a super-salesperson gets promoted to manager, one or more of the following happens:

  • He (or she) can’t let go of his old role. He takes charge of customer relationships and jumps in to close deals, undermining salespeople’s motivation and confidence and weakening their relationships with customers.
  • He manages by results only. He expects everyone to produce the same results that he got as a salesperson, but isn’t good at coaching and giving people constructive feedback on how to get there.
  • He avoids administrative responsibilities. He becomes frustrated by the many routine but important tasks that headquarters requires of him.

Before long, the salespeople he manages stop learning and growing. They become disenchanted, disengage from their work, and may even leave the company. Soon, district performance is in jeopardy.

What it takes to succeed in sales is different from what it takes to succeed in management. Salespeople succeed when they meet customer needs while achieving the company’s financial goals for their territories. Sales managers also succeed by meeting customer needs and achieving objectives linked to company goals. But the manager is not the hunter, the playmaker, or the center of action. Managers contribute to customer and company success when their team of people is successful. 

Managers are coaches, not players; they get satisfaction from achieving objectives through others. When a salesperson gets promoted to manager, it’s no longer about “me” — it’s about “the team.” Managers help people grow by walking around with a watering can in one hand and a bag of fertilizer in the other.

Unless you select salespeople who have the characteristics it takes to do the next job well (not just those who have demonstrated success in their current job), your sales management team will be average at best.

What can you do to ensure that the right people get selected for the sales manager job?

Medical device company Boston Scientific has a formalized corporate program for selecting and developing internal candidates for sales manager positions. According to Chris Hartman, Vice President, Central Zone, for Boston Scientific’s Cardiology, Rhythm and Vascular Group, “We seek candidates from the sales ranks who have demonstrated excellence not only by generating strong sales results, but also who have demonstrated success in teaching others to sell by acting as a mentor to new salespeople, and who have demonstrated success in managing through exposure to leadership opportunities such as a field training role or participation on a sales advisory board or steering committee. Our management assessment and development program tests and trains candidates on competencies such as coaching, performance management, interviewing, and negotiation. The program provides many opportunities for both the candidate and the company to evaluate fit with the sales manager job.” Salesforce Consultant, Salesforce Headhunter & Staffing – VALiNTRYcrm will also help to bring the expertise in-house.

What should you do if an excellent salesperson who lacks managerial characteristics wants to become a manager and threatens to leave if not promoted? 

Sometimes, just talking to the individual about what the manager role entails and what it takes to succeed in the job are enough to encourage an unsuitable candidate to withdraw from consideration on her own. If that doesn’t work, test her in the role; say by giving her responsibility as a mentor or field trainer, in addition to her sales job. She may discover that the role is not something she enjoys. It’s also possible that you’ll find out that your initial assessment was wrong. If that’s not the case, summon the managerial courage to tell the individual that she is most valuable as an individual contributor. It’s better to lose one good salesperson now than it is to risk losing an entire district down the road due to ineffective management. 

Cardinal Health uses dual career paths as a way to address the situation. “This enables our sales organization to keep many of the best and brightest salespeople who are most valuable as individual contributors,” says Sandy Cantwell, Vice President of Sales Operations. “You can succeed by becoming a manager or by becoming a ‘super salesperson.’ We have a formal career road map for both management and individual contributor roles. Our top sales role, the Strategic Account Vice President, is roughly equivalent in level to a Regional Vice President on the managerial side.”

Select and develop those salespeople who have strong managerial tendencies for sales management positions. At the same time, understand that success as a salesperson alone is not a good predictor of success as a sales manager. 



The Jacobs Board Game Café, just off Parkhurst’s trendy 4th Avenue, is helping people make connections the old-fashioned way this winter. There’s no WI-Fi, no apps and not so much as an iAnything as far as the eye can see – just a wide selection of your best loved board games, some nostalgic favourites and comfy spots to sit and enjoy the unmistakable allure of the Jacobs Verwohnaroma. 


The Jacobs Board Game Café officially opens on 24 May and will run through until the end of August, encouraging consumers to pop in, relax and rediscover the chance to connect the way people did before text alerts and social media check-ins – over a complimentary cup of quality coffee. The Café, the first of its kind in South Africa, seeks to give people a chance to slow down and connect over a cup of Jacobs – the obvious catalyst for connection. 


Jacobs Senior Brand Manager Taki Tsanwani believes that this unique take on sampling will resonate with consumers. “The Jacobs Board Game Café concept is so simple. What more do you need than the taste of Jacobs coffee, the unmistakable Verwohnaroma – and a comfortable space to enjoy it?” she says. “A cup of Jacobs coffee is the ideal catalyst for connection, and we believe that the Board Game Café will become a sanctuary for people who appreciate the chance to relax – and a hub for those who value the opportunity to connect over a fine coffee.”


The Jacobs Board Game Café is situated at 69 11th Street Parkhurst and is open from Tuesdays – Sundays 10am – 10pm until the end of August, with some exceptions. The venue will also be hosting several small events throughout the next few months such as ladies evenings and speed dating and is available for personal bookings such as birthday parties, hen’s parties, brain storms etc.  A schedule will be available at the café and on the “Jacobs Krönung South Africa” Facebook page.


For further information or to make a booking please contact: 

072 189 3012 

The Chairman of TBP eKapa, implementing partner of Cape Town Activa, was recently appointed to co-chair the Saudi Arabia South Africa Business Council (Busa).  Surve is chairman of Sekunjalo Investments, a Western Cape based black-owned and controlled consortium which invests in a wide range of industries, from telecommunications and biotechnology to fishing and aquaculture.

Saudi Arabia South African Business Council has set up a R20m holding company in a bid to deepen trade and investment flows between their two countries. The holding company was formally endorsed in Saudi Arabia in April. The Saudi Arabia South Africa Business Council intends to create R20bn worth of business opportunities through its 50:50 joint venture company,  It will initially home in on investments in agriculture, mining, mineral processing and petrochemicals.

According to a recent article on Moneyweb, “the holding company intends to facilitate joint ventures between the two countries and to conduct comprehensive feasibility studies on potential strategic business opportunities. The consortium will be open to all legally register and financially sound business entities in both countries”.

“We are open to being approached by South African companies who want to do business with Saudi Arabia,” said Surve, who added that the consortium would be able to facilitate participation between companies as well as participating directly in investments.

Trade and Industry Minister, Rob Davies, said the move to set up a consortium was part of a mission to seek out “new sources of dynamic trading opportunities around the world,” adding that he saw Saudi Arabia as a “dynamic economy.”  “Already very large Saudi Arabian companies have indicated their willingness to participate. We’re expecting significant investment running into tens of billions of rands over the next few years,” said Surve. 



Tone up while trimming down on the hours

It seems like there just aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything that you need to do – let alone the things you actually want to do. On top of rushing to work, school, the shops, appointments and back again, you still need to find time to slot in a workout or two to stay fit and toned!

Fortunately, there is now a way to fit your fitness routine into one 20 minute session per week (now that will help your busy schedule!) – through BODYTEC, a revolutionary fitness and all-round training solution. By combining personal training with Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS), BODYTEC enables clients to quickly, effectively and visibly reduce fat content and weight whilst gently defining muscles and increasing physical strength and endurance. All in only 20 minutes a week.


Sport research conducted by international institutes has shown that BODYTEC’s training results are up to 18 times more effective than traditional fitness training. According to BODYTEC owner Boris Leyck, “Conventional wisdom says there are no shortcuts to health and fitness. But who wants to be conventional? BODYTEC technology is so effective that just 20 minutes of training is comparable to three, 90 minute workouts in a gym.”


After successfully helping Capetonians in the city centre and suburb of Newlands to shape up, Leyck is now bringing the revolutionary concept to Johannesburg. In mid-June, Sandton will have its own BODYTEC studio. A branch will also be opening in the suburb of Steenberg, Cape Town in July.


The BODYTEC concept, pioneered in Germany and used by professional athletes and sports rehabilitation centres for decades, combines personal training with electro muscle stimulation, to reduce fat content and weight whilst developing muscle mass. During each 20 minute, personal trainer-supervised session, muscles are stimulated by electrodes connected to a training jacket. As physical strength and endurance increases with each session the muscles become gently defined resulting in a toned, firm body and lasting sense of well-being.


BODYTEC client, business woman, media personality and former Miss Universe, Michelle McLean, shares “By only going to one 20-minute session a week, I save hours of travel time to, from and in a gym with an even better result than most other exercise regimes I have used. I feel firmer and more toned in a shorter space of time.”  


To find out more visit or email


HP’s growing retail portfolio

‘Technological innovation is driving change in 2012’ according to HP following their presence at the National Retail Federation Conference this year. HP envisions a future where digital continues to bleed into the physical retail world, and vice versa, leading to an increasingly immersive retail experience.

At the conference HP  showcased upcoming solutions including its broad portfolio of retail industry solutions from point-of-sale (POS), digital signage, self-service solutions, managed print services, cloud-based printing to mobility solutions. It also unveiled new barcode scanners available in EMEA.

Kobi Elbaz, Director, Client Solutions, Europe, Middle-East and Africa, HP Personal Systems Group, comments: “There is undoubtedly a transformation taking place in the retail industry in terms of the incorporation of technology into physical stores. One of the trends we foresee in 2012 is retailers providing increasingly interactive digital experiences in store, from touch-enabled digital signage to loyalty initiatives via barcodes on your smartphone.”

“Retailers are turning their stores into more pleasing and interactive environments for shoppers with HP’s industry-leading POS and display technologies,” continued Elbaz. “Consumers now expect much more from the shopping experience and retailers are actively encouraging customers to stay in store for longer. That’s why HP is showcasing technologies which will encourage customers to stay in store – the best retailers already understand that ‘dwell time equals sell time’”.

“Our vision is to enable retailers to create a seamless customer experience across multiple store touch-points. On our stand we are demonstrating point of sale, mobility, digital signage and self-service solutions,” added Elbaz. “We’re also demonstrating a mobile point of sale solution using the HP Slate 2 Tablet PC. VantagePoint is another advanced technology we’re able to demonstrate on the HP stand. It’s a large interactive touch wall enabling retailers to see how they might engage shoppers in a dazzling interactive brand experience.”

Advanced Barcode scanners launching in EMEA in January

With the proliferation of mobile and email barcodes for coupons and loyalty offers, retailers require the latest barcode scanning technology to improve the customer shopping experience. To this end, HP has expanded its portfolio further and launched a HP Presentation Barcode Scanner and HP Linear Barcode Scanner to enable easy scanning, even from mobile devices.

The HP Presentation Barcode Scanner and the HP Linear Barcode Scanner will be available this month.

The Self Service Solutions are first to be introduced in North America in January 2012. 

The HP 47” Micro_Bezel Displays are expected to launch in EMEA later this year. 


Ricoh SA announced exciting developments for 2012 at an event at Swartkop Airport Base in Pretoria on 13 July, including Ricoh’s increased investment in its operations in South Africa, investing R200 million in the region, a move which is part of Ricoh’s strategy to expand its presence in key emerging markets. South Africa is an important focus for the group in EMEA. The investments will further enhance Ricoh’s direct customer interactions and enable it to stay at the forefront of their document management needs. 

There are three new initiatives; the launch of Ricoh Capital South Africa; an optimised supply chain process and infrastructure enhancements. Combined they also ensure Ricoh has a more streamlined approach to account management and that its clients receive a single, consistent Ricoh experience, no matter where they operate. The initiatives will also drive new employment opportunities in the region.

Ricoh Capital South Africa will provide clients with the option to take on leases or service contracts and enjoy all the benefits of Ricoh solutions without capital outlay. They will also have the convenience of managing their entire document solution including service and software into one regular payment. Ricoh Capital has designed its offerings to support the specific needs of Ricoh customers and focuses on its core business areas of office solutions, production printing and managed document services. Ricoh Capital customers will also benefit from increased agility within their business and the ability to make purchasing decisions quickly. They will have greater flexibility to upgrade their solutions during the lease period. It also enables them to keep credit channels open for other business needs.

The review and optimisation of the supply chain process resulted in Ricoh diverting stock management and distribution to Ricoh Europe’s operations in the Netherlands. As a result Ricoh SA gained savings of R100 million which will be reinvested into the business and provide infrastructure enhancements, social responsibility and skills development.

Infrastructure enhancements are part of an EMEA-wide project, designed to streamline Ricoh’s business processes. They ensure more stable processes and robust systems, to drive business growth and enhance customer service, and enable Ricoh to enhance its sales, services and billing processes. They also support Ricoh’s focus to provide a world-class, end to end customer experience. 

Richard Pinker, MD of Ricoh SA, said, ‘Our region is an important focus for Ricoh in EMEA and our team is energised to further increase our client services and contribute to the overall Ricoh growth strategy. Our business focuses upon optimising document processes and improving the interaction between people and information. Our technology heritage and experience means that we can help organisations to be ready to meet the future challenges presented by the impacts of new technologies and the increase in information. We look forward to continue working with organisations in South Africa to further understand how we can help them to reduce costs, streamline document processes and even enhance security, while making realtime informed decisions.’

Ricoh SA has also appointed Morgan Crosby as its new project manager. Crosby will head the company’s project office responsible for rolling out strategic business projects and large customer projects. Crosby’s appointment is closely linked to Ricoh SA’s significant investment to ramp up services, solutions, and infrastructure, in response to local and global market influences.

‘I spent a decade in customer-facing, operational food services prior to numerous roles throughout the next nearly 14 years at Compass Group SA, a member of Compass Group PLC, including change and project management and heading up the IT department, procurement management, and sales support through financial analysis and project management of new business and bids,’ said Crosby.

He has also been deeply involved in a Y2K project and more recently project managed a three-year development of a bespoke, decentralised system, which included testing and rolling it out to more than 450 national locations.

Crosby’s primary role will be to formalise and extend Ricoh SA’s project management capabilities following the industry standard PRINCE2 and Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) principles.

Source: Africa Print News

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