From September to December 2011, Waltons and Mondi ran a promotion raising R55 000 for seven charities across Gauteng. The charities included Little Eden, Safe and Sound Learning Association, Nkosi’s Haven, Ulusaba Pride ‘n Purpose, Lochvaal Umfuleni Welfare, St John’s Care Centre and Lourie Youth Centre. For every box of Rotatrim bought during the promotional period, 20c was donated to the funds for donation. Wish lists were submitted by each charity items including food, baby formula, a washing machine, stationery items, computers, projectors and toiletries were bought for the organisations. Representatives from various Waltons branches visited the organisations to do the handover and were taken on a tours of the home to show how they are run, what activities take place and were introduced to the residents, learners and staff. 

The Muslim Refugee Association of South Africa (MRASA), a non-profit organisation (NPO) uplifting refugees and locals through religious, social, moral and academic means, has raised R15 000 worth of stationery in their Back to School Campaign. The campaign was started following a frequent request from refugee parents who could not afford stationery for their children once school begins each year. Some of the stationery items distributed include books, pens, pencils and bags. According to Wagogo Ramadhan, director for MRASA, the Back to School campaign has played a big role in changing the lives of many families because now parents don’t have to worry about the stationery of their children. They look for families struggling to sustain themselves through representatives at schools in various areas and distribute the available stationery to them. “With many requests from under-privileged families both refugees and local, we appeal to members of the stationery industry to assist with donating stationery to our organisation and using MRASA as a vehicle to do such work,” he says.

Twelve schools across Gauteng and the Kliptown Youth Program, a non-profit organisation, without books or a library, received a moveable library coutesy of a donation of R40 000 by shop-sa and seven of its’ members. The members who made the donation included Kolok, Rexel, Mondi, Beswick, ACT, Office National and Waltons. One of the schools which benefitted from this initiative include Wisani Primary school in Pimville, Soweto. Denis Creighton, chairperson for the Soweto Youth and Developments Project, says he would like to thank shop-sa on behalf of all the schools. “Wisani Primary School caters for grades R to seven and had no library or any books until this intervention. We received the books arranged through the Travelling Bookshop’s Masixhasane foundation thanks to the association’s donation,” he says. He says the principal, deputy principal and staff, as well as the children were very excited about the new library. “As a result of the association’s donation, the Gauteng Education Department has also agreed to send a supply of library books to all participating schools so the donation has been multiplied,” says Creighton.

How the scam works

Deposit Slip Scams continue unabated in the Stationery industry. To prevent becoming a victim of this type of commercial crime, here are some of the modus operandi criminals are using when targeting businesses.

How the scam works 

Scenario A

Supplier is approached via telephone or e-mail with an order 

A deal is structured, usually involving a direct deposit into the supplier’s bank account 

A copy of the stamped bank deposit slip for cash is faxed to the supplier 

Goods are released to fraudsters 

A fraudulent cheque is deposited instead of cash and the deposit slip is fraudulently amended 

The cheque is unpaid due to it being fraudulent 

The supplier’s bank account is debited 

The supplier is unable contact the ‘client’ and suffers the loss 

Scenario B

Supplier is approached via telephone or e-mail with an order 

A copy of a stamped bank deposit slip for cash, for a higher amount than agreed to, is then faxed to the supplier 

The ‘client’ then contacts the supplier and requests that the excess amount be electronically transferred to a specified account 

On the strength of the faxed copy of the deposit slip, the supplier refunds the excess amount 

A fraudulent cheque was deposited instead of cash was deposited and the deposit slip was fraudulently amended 

The cheque is unpaid due to it being fraudulent 

The supplier’s bank account is debited 

The supplier is unable contact the ‘client’ and suffers the loss as the funds have already been withdrawn from the fraudsters account 

Scenario C

A supplier is approached by telephone or e-mail with a request to place an urgent order 

A deal is structured, usually involving a direct deposit to the bank account of the supplier 

An internet transfer receipt is fraudulently manipulated to reflect a ‘transfer’ to the suppliers account. The transfer could be for the exact amount of the order as in Scenario A, or for an amount in excess of the agreed amount as in Scenario B 

The fraudulent Internet Receipt is faxed to the supplier 

The goods are released to the criminals OR the ‘excess’ refunded as previously described 

The bank account of the supplier is debited with the ‘refund’, but the incoming transfer never materialises 

The supplier is unable to contact his ‘client’ and suffers the loss 

Scenario D

A cheque is deposited to an unsuspecting client’s account without their knowledge 

A letter on a false letterhead purporting to be that of a well known entity or institution is faxed to the client in which it is said that an amount has been paid to the client’s account. The letter provides details of an account to which the ‘refund’ must be made 

The client is sometimes contacted by someone who then confirms the content of the letter, stating that it is important to affect the refund very urgently 

The client makes the payment 

The cheque is unpaid, leaving the client to suffer a loss 


Contact the entity or institution on a number ascertained from the telephone directory and confirm the request 

Be cautious of clients who want to ‘keep their distance’ 

Retain complete records 

Confirm details of payments with your bank 


Do not be pressurised due to urgency 

Do not relax controls and procedures 

Do not proceed if you have any doubts 

Never use the number provided by a caller or provided on a faxed letter 


Phone crime stop on 08600 10111 if you have information about any crime, or any suspicious activities, or if you think you have useful information that may help prevent a crime or help the police in the investigation of a crime which has already taken place. Callers can remain anonymous Calls are not traced, and your telephone number is not visible. The unique code you are given allows you to phone back at a later time if you remember something further, or want to enquire about the case. Alternatively you can email

For further information about how the SAPS can assist you, visit

Let’s go BIG for CANCER

The Waltons Nelspruit Distribution branch recently set a challenge to the Waltons Group to collect R3 000 to donate to the Cancer Association of South Africa.  The Branch Manager Henning Viljoen volunteered to shave his hair off if the target was met.  

When the R3 000 target was reached, Elizabeth Delange, a sales representative from the branch, volunteered to shave her hair, if the target was raised to
R6 000.  Waltons opened their hearts and gave generously.  At the final challenge, an amount of over R7 000 was raised.

The branch then entered and took part in the CANSA sprayAthon and ShaveAthon

held on the 2 March 2012.  They also took part in the CANSA Relay for Life, which took place on the 10th of March 2012, starting at 6pm and ending on the 11th of March at 6am.  At this event they handed the money over to the Cancer Association of South Africa.  Seen here are the before and after photo’s of Henning Viljoen and Elizabeth Delange. Well done to all who took part so bravely in the challenge and for opening your hearts to this good cause. 

Ed’s note – Henning, the shop-sa team think you look very handsome with a shaved head!

Parrot give generously

Parrot Products recently sponsored R 10 000 worth of products to the school that collected the largest quantity of toys for The East Coast Radio Toy Story charity drive. The toys will be given to underprivileged children in various crèches, schools and hospitals in KwaZulu-Natal. 


KwaZulu-Natal Branch Manager Lynne Acklom (left), centre is Mr Gounden principle of Deccan Road Primary School and on the right is Abi Ray, DJ from East Coast Radio.

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Four employees of Rubber Stamp and Engraving completed a two day First Aid course achieving their First Aid certificates during February. Khosi Nete, internal sales clerk, Claire Makgabalo, typesetter, Joseph Mollo, warehouse assistant, and Gcobani Nete, production assistant, received their First Aid certificates from Clive Heydenrych, managing director of Rubber Stamp & Engraving Co. “Management at the company are extremely proud of the achievement of our employees,” says Lyn van den Berg, sales director for Rubber Stamp and Engraving Co.

Staff at Staedtler South Africa said goodbye to John Evans, managing director of the company, after nine months service to the South African subsidiary, on the 23 March. He celebrated his 45th year anniversary at Staedtler SA on 1 March 2012 after joining Staedtler UK in 1967, where he spent 33 years as the managing director. Evans arrived in South Africa in June 2011 on an international project to recruit sales leadership and a new managing director for the South African subsidiary. He appointed Kerry Harrison as national sales and marketing manager in September 2011 and Samantha Pickering-Dunn as managing director, in February 2012. The new director hails from KPMG where she was associate director in transactions and restructuring. “Pickering-Dunn brings with her a wealth of experience after a successful and varied career in several large local and international companies,” says Harrison.

Warren Rother has been appointed as the business development manager at LaserCom, a Bytes Document Solutions company. He will head up the sales division of the company and will focus on exploiting business opportunities presented to LaserCom. Prior to joining LaserCom, Rother was employed as the business manager for sub-Saharan Africa and a programme manager for EMEA at HP. He began his career in civil engineering, moving into sales and marketing in the steel industry. Rother will oversee customer engagement, business development and implementation of progressive technologies in LaserCom’s field of expertise as a business communication specialist. “My role will involve heading up initiatives to attract new customers and create new markets for our products and services. I’m looking forward to driving revenue in the company and ensuring added value for existing clients,” he says.

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