Rejuvention of the Waltons brand

Waltons has embarked on a rejuvenation process to reposition and rebrand itself in the market.


After strategic examination of the business, Waltons’ core business purpose has now been defined as ‘breeding success’. “Our new strategic direction is as a result of considerable introspection and planning. We analysed our current business models and realised that we needed to reinvigorate the brand and evolve, and in some places, reinvent, our core offerings. We realised that we need to listen to our customers and talk more directly to their needs and aspirations,” says David Jenkins, Group Managing Director.

We have adopted three key values to be driven across the business: Solution Focused – I want to give you solutions that are relevant and simple, Success Oriented – I want you to have the best chance at success and Valued Partner – I am an important part of your business. This value set will be supported by the following behaviours:

1.       Do the right thing always

2.       Build a positive team spirit

3.       Embrace and drive change

4.       Act with a common purpose

5.       Be humble (serve before self)

6.       Be innovative and act courageously

7.       Deliver wow through service

8.       Build open and honest relationships

9.       Always be accountable

10.   Be passionate and determined

Partnering with our clients to offer them the best solutions to support their success is a key component of Waltons’ new approach to the way they do business.

“A good way to explain our new mindset is with some tangible examples,” explains Jenkins. “We don’t sell white boards, we sell the ability to capture ideas for growth, we don’t sell calculators and laptops, we sell the ability to make money, and we don’t sell office desks, we sell the corporate culture everyone buys into.”

Walton’s new pay-offline speaks directly to the company’s purpose, while the Waltons wordmark has been brought right up to date, resulting in a refreshed logo with rounder edges and a watermark – resulting in movement and more depth. While remaining true to the brand identity, this update is in sync with a modern company on the move.

The rejuvenation process also addresses previous limitations in the company structure, with a focus on centralising key head office functions to leverage synergies and provide for a more unified and focused organisation.

Walton’s senior management team was proud to launch its new vision for the brand and the organisation through a staff roadshow that took place early June and was rolled out across Durban, Johannesburg, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth.

“In bringing home our new approach, three key themes will be driven across the business as the company gears for a new phase of growth. ‘Commitment’,  ‘Speed’ and ‘Laser-like Focus’ will be expounded upon across all aspects as the company strives towards operational excellence,” states Jenkins.

With a new strategic direction, a clear purpose and well-articulated values and behaviours, together with new operational measures geared towards capturing greater efficiencies and a focus on people and service excellence, the company has set its sights on an exciting new era, following on from a long tradition of success. 

Vodacom has noted that SIM swap fraud attempts are on the increase. Fraudsters who engage in SIM swap fraud are posing as cellphone company representatives to try and trick unsuspecting customers who end up being victims of internet banking fraud.

SIM swap fraud is a technique used by fraudsters to defraud unsuspecting internet banking users. Once they have acquired the victim’s banking details and other personal information through phishing scams, the fraudsters then call the network operator posing as the customer and requests a SIM swap. This will cancel the customer’s SIM connection and the fraudsters will have access to the customer’s cellphone line. This will enable the fraudsters to receive the customer’s one time internet banking password allowing them to perform fraudulent internet banking transactions. 

In order to protect customers from SIM swap fraud, Vodacom notifies customers via SMS whenever a SIM swap attempt is made. Customers who receive the SMS but have not requested a SIM swap should alert Vodacom about the fraudulent SIM swap request by calling Vodacom’s customer care on 082 111. Fraudsters have resorted to calling customers to try to either convince them to switch off their phones for an extended period of time or try and convince them to ignore the SMS from the network operator.

“We’ll never call our customers and ask them to switch off their cellphones unless they have requested assistance with a handset related issue that requires their cellphones to be switched off. So if they’ve not logged a fault with us, they should be suspicious of any requests to switch off their cellphone,” says Johan Van Graan, Chief Risk Officer at Vodacom.

Van Graan added – “If a customer receives an SMS notification indicating that they have requested a SIM swap, they should ignore any further communication and immediately contact Vodacom and we’ll take the necessary steps to protect them.”

Vodacom customers can contact Customer Care on 111 free from their Vodacom cellphones or 082 111 from any other phone for assistance.


Vodacom has announced the launch of all-in-one Smart Plans which include the smartphone, data, talk time and SMS. These Smart Plans, specifically designed for smartphone users, will be available from 07 July 2012 and will be supported by a wide range of smartphones, great network coverage and unmatched customer experience introducing a Smart New World to Vodacom customers.


With Vodacom’s new all-in-one Smart Plans, customers will be able to choose their monthly commitment by selecting a suitable plan based on their needs.  Customers also have the flexibility to add more bundles as required.  


“Customers want a combination of quality network coverage, a broad range of smartphones to choose from and excellent service – and we’re offering them just that. We’ve invested over R7 billion on improving the network capacity over the past 12 months and this remains our key focus,” says Enzo Scarcella, Managing Executive of Marketing at Vodacom.


Scarcella added – “Vodacom was recently voted the most respected broadband provider in South Africa. We also offer the widest range of smartphones. Now the experience is complete as we offer an all-in-one Smart Plan that allows customers to further take advantage of these Vodacom benefits.”

Vodacom Smart Plans:


Monthly cost

Monthly allocation

Promotional minutes

Smart Light


95 minutes

100 MB

100 SMS

  75 off-peak minutes to any network; and

*20 promotional free anytime minutes to other Vodacom customers.

   Smart Standard


250 minutes

300 MB

300 SMS

  130 anytime minutes to any network;

*60 promotional free anytime minutes to other Vodacom customers; and

  60 More weekend minutes to other Vodacom customers.

Smart Advanced


810 minutes

400 MB

400 SMS

  450 anytime minutes to any network;

*180 promotional free anytime minutes to other Vodacom customers; and

  180 More weekend minutes to other Vodacom customers.

Smart Super


1540 minutes

800 MB

800 SMS

  1000 anytime minutes to any network;

*360 promotional free anytime minutes to other Vodacom customers; and

  180 More weekend minutes to other Vodacom customers.


All prices include VAT.

The Smart Light plan is billed per minute.

Smart Plan minutes carry over to the end of the following month.

*Unused promotional free anytime minutes to other Vodacom customers will expire at the end of the month. More weekend minutes to other Vodacom customers are applicable from Saturday (00:00) to Sunday (23:59).


Vodacom’s focus is to ensure that its customers enjoy a total telecommunications experience to help them to unlock the power of the Internet. With data bundles allocated upfront and with more affordable in-bundle rates, customers can surf the Internet, download e-mail and stay in touch with friends and family on social networks.


Vodacom stores also help to provide customers with a hassle free smartphone experience by offering them a perfect start which includes setting them up with an e-mail account, Facebook, Twitter and with all their requirements to keep them connected.


All new connections, upgrades or migrations to smart plans from 07 July 2012 until 06 September 2012 will qualify for free Vodacom to Vodacom minutes that can be used anytime, peak and off peak, which will be allocated monthly for the duration of the contract. Customers on Smart Standard, Smart Advanced and Smart Super will also receive Vodacom to Vodacom weekend minutes each month.


For further information customers can visit . Customers can contact customer care on 111 free from a Vodacom phone or 082 111 from any other phone, or e-mail


 Integrations and new features inject speed and accuracy throughout the global supply chain and into store operations

RedPrairie Corp., a global supply chain and retail technology provider, today announced its 2012.1 product release. The new release connects supply chain execution capabilities to the store and commerce sites so that retailers, manufacturers and distributors can achieve the greatest visibility and accuracy. Enhancements include new integrations; global labor standards compliance and enhanced support of industry standards such as GS1 barcoding requirements, VMI, VAT, GSIN, SSCC and others; and a new traceability offering. Advancements were also made to RedPrairie’s Commerce, Enterprise Store Operations, Warehouse Management and Enterprise Workforce Management product suites.


“Our 2012.1 product release is designed to help retailers, manufacturers and distributors manage inventory with greater speed and accuracy,” said John Kopcke, RedPrairie chief technology officer and executive vice president of Product Development. “New integrations between our solutions deliver unprecedented visibility between store operations and the supply chains serving them.”


RedPrairie Commerce Suite

RedPrairie Commerce Suite enhancements include a more robust, merchant-centric business user interface and the introduction of Store Center and Customer Engagement Management modules. Store Center brings the versatility and flexibility of all-channel commerce into the store by offering retailers an enterprise-wide visibility of inventory and orders; a 360-degree view of customer and product information; and an extensive range of cross-channel fulfillment options. Customer Engagement Management offers retailers the ability to track and manage loyalty programs across all selling channels.


Additionally, with the 2012.1 release, the RedPrairie Commerce Suite is now available in a hosted model called Commerce Cloud, which gives retailers the flexibility to purchase either an on-premise or cloud-based version of the application.


RedPrairie Enterprise Store Operations

RedPrairie Enterprise Store Operations enhancements enable site managers to access Fresh Item Management, Cash Management, End of Day, and other key process flows through a new role-based user interface. The new user experience allows for site managers to perform some tasks on an exception basis and others in a more streamlined fashion, increasing efficiency and saving labor. Additionally, POS management and fuel reconciliation tasks were also enhanced in this release, allowing for more powerful internationalisation capabilities and more flexible fuel management processes.


RedPrairie Warehouse Management

RedPrairie Warehouse Management has been enhanced to include additional integration capabilities and user configurable workflows to the RedPrairie Enterprise Workforce Management product. Additional enhancements include extended GS1 barcode parsing to support various radio frequency picking methods; bulk allocation and bulk picking with configurable distribution workflows; streamlined receiving without order or trailer dependencies; the addition of more pick methods to support advanced cluster pick and cart position capture; and cycle count and adjustment by unit of measure breakdown.


RedPrairie Enterprise Workforce Management

RedPrairie Enterprise Workforce Management enhancements include a new scalable punch processing feature, a new rich text editor and an improved Long Range Labor Planning capability for Corporate Planners.

·    New scalable punch processing feature: The new punch processing capability in the Time and Attendance module enables flexible punch rounding rules and significantly increases the volume of punches that can be processed without requiring an increase in the database server capacity.

·    New rich text editor: By adding a new rich text editor to RedPrairie’s Execution Management modules customers are able to leverage content from their business partners that existed in other document formats such as MS Word®.

     Improved Long Range Labor Planning capability for Corporate Planners: Corporate Planners can now leverage the exact same detailed store-level labor standards, drivers, constraints, and powerful engine that are used for weekly planning and execution to project their enterprise-wide labor spend requirements for the entire year. This capability increases accuracy of labor budget allocations, brings the power of the site specific bottom up labor model to long range planning, and helps to align execution requirements of stores to the enterprise labor budget.


RedPrairie Traceability Solution

The RedPrairie Traceability Solution is a hosted offering that provides a complete electronic traceability chain of custody down to License Plate Number (LPN) level mitigating risk through timely execution, and giving companies a strong method for brand protection.


“Our new solution is a natural extension for us as it is built upon years of experience managing inventory, orders and data combined with our powerful visibility capabilities,” said Prashant Bhatia, RedPrairie vice president of product strategy. “Ultimately, we are providing end-to-end Enterprise Inventory Management and Enterprise Visibility offerings to our customers across multiple industries and geographies.”



About RedPrairie

For more than 35 years, RedPrairie’s best-of-breed supply chain, workforce and all-channel retail solutions have put commerce in motion for the world’s leading companies. Installed in over 60,000 customer sites across more than 50 countries, RedPrairie solutions adapt to help ensure visibility and collaboration between manufacturers, distributors, retailers and consumers. RedPrairie is prepared to meet its customers’ current and future demands with multiple delivery options, flexible architecture, and 24/7 technical and customer support. For a world in motion, RedPrairie is commerce in motion.

To learn more about how RedPrairie solutions can optimise your inventory, improve employee productivity, or increase sales, visit  or

RedPrairie is a registered trademark of RedPrairie Corporation. © 2012 RedPrairie Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Other product and service names mentioned herein are the trademarks of their respective owners.


 CNA’s new website enables consumers to purchase games, movies, music, books and more on account.


CNA has revamped its existing website ( where consumers can now purchase games, movies, music, books and more using their Edgars or Jet account card.


David Gibbons, Edcon’s e-Commerce Executive who is spearheading the group’s online retail offering, says the beauty of this solution is that account holders can purchase entertainment items online 24/7 from CNA while benefiting from store credit, making e-commerce more accessible to those who don’t have credit cards.


“The new site opens up online shopping to the Group’s almost 3.9 million account card holders. Customers will also be able to earn Thank U points on all online purchases,” he says.


The site has a new, fresh look and is easy to search with thousands of products already on offer across four product categories: books, games, movies and music, along with 10 000 eBooks. CNA is growing the site’s inventory continuously.


Online retail is growing

Recent research from World Wide Worx, commissioned by Google, indicates online retail is becoming increasingly popular in South Africa, growing around 30 percent per year with no signs of slowing down.


“Opening up e-commerce to our entire base of account holders is another positive step to growing the Internet economy in South Africa,” says Gibbons.


Gibbons says CNA’s site is secure, uses SSL security and is verified by Entrust. Purchases can be made using a credit card or account card, with a one time pin on account payments adding to users’ security. Customers with any queries can contact the customer service call centre on 0860 262 289 and return online purchases at their nearest CNA store. 


New user-friedly design and process

Along with the new design, CNA has re-engineered its entire e-commerce process.


“The e-commerce platform that powers the site is new and far more powerful than the previous system. Furthermore, we’ve changed the logistics process and will now hold stock in a centralised warehouse as opposed to distributing products from stores, resulting in a more efficient fulfllment process” he says.


Delivery will occur nationwide on average within three days. The delivery charge on all purchases over R350 will be waivered; otherwise a R55 delivery fee will apply.


On-pack devices are often viewed as an essential part of planning a successful below-the-line marketing campaign.  Brand owners look to these devices to amplify or convey a current promotion, discount or special offer. If we had to over-simplify the function of an on-pack device, one might say that it is a necessary if somewhat unexciting element of any promotional campaign. What is not considered is that on-pack can be an ideal vehicle to spark customer engagement through directly speaking to our emotions and thus acting as a brand enhancement tool.


Pyrotec PackMedia’s ElastiTag® range of products aims to do exactly that.The ElastiTag® is a unique hang tag that can be used for labelling, branding and marketing a wide variety of products, from produce to cosmetics. The tag is custom manufactured to suit the brand’s needs and objectives, and the unique elastomer loop is designed to fit snugly around the product.

“On-pack has to express the brand authentically so that people can look at it as a symbol to understand what that brand represents. On-pack need not merely lay out a specific offer or promotion- it can do so much more,” says Timothy Beattie, General Manager of Pyrotec PackMedia. “Brand owners are looking to engage consumers through stronger emotional connections by leveraging sensory appeal, ultimately positioning and enhancing the brand in the consumers’ minds.”

So, what is it that makes ElastiTag® an effective brand enhancement tool?

·        ElastiTag® allows you to create a perception about your product’s worth and can therefore act as a basis to alter its pricing accordingly. High quality materials are used in the production of ElastiTag®– it is a premium on-pack device which boosts the overall image of the brand and thus increases the perceived value of the product.

·         The elastomer loop is available in a wide variety of colours that can match or contrast the product packaging, enhancing the look of the product.

·      ElastiTag® offers a scent option as part of its range of products. By incorporating scent onto an ElastiTag® consumers will be able to test the scent of the product without having to open the package, boosting the product’s appeal by engaging the emotions through the stimulation of the senses.

·      ElastiTag® acts as an effective communication tool. It can be used to communicate the brand’s key messages, convey value-added incentives such as discounts and special tips, in addition to providing essential information about the product such as nutritional composition or user instructions.

Beattie believes that this tool will aid the evolution of on-pack. “ElastiTag® goes beyond being a promotional device to acting as a brand enhancement agent,” he explains. “It attracts attention whilst simultaneously engaging emotions by adding a deeper dimension to the promotional campaign.”

Pyrotec PackMedia is a preferred distributor of the ElastiTag® products in South Africa. For more information about Pyrotec PackMedia and its range of on-pack solutions, please visit


About Pyrotec
Pyrotec is a privately owned South African company that specialises in providing innovative and top quality product identification solutions. The company’s extensive service offering includes on-pack product identification solutions including self-adhesive labels systems, as well as coding and labeling equipment. With a service offering founded on a dedication to quality, operational reliability, and excellent service, the Cape based company has a national footprint with centres in major cities across the country. With more than 40 years experience, Pyrotec has three brands operating under its ambit: Pyrotec PackMedia, Pyrotec PackMark and Tower which includes TobyTower. The proudly independent company is headed-up by Managing Director, Rowan Beattie.

For more info see:

The packaged water bottled on site by restaurants and other hospitality outlets, often as an alternative to bottled waters or tap water, is muddying the water when it comes to legislation and standards, and environmental concerns.

These waters are bottled and packaged on site using bench-top treatment systems utilising filtration, reverse osmosis, carbonation, refrigeration or chilling – as well as combinations of these – to bottle water on demand in re-usable glass bottles, typically closed with a Grolsch-type lid.


The water source can be municipal water (tap water), or spring or borehole water should the business have access to this water.


Concerns have been raised about this practice, specifically whether or not it conforms to South African packaged water legislation and food safety standards, and whether it offers true environmental benefits as manufacturers of these systems claim.


Asked for comment, chairman of the South African National Bottled Water Association (SANBWA), John Weaver, said the association had been in discussion with the Department of Health with respect to how these waters should be regarded under South African legislation.


“SANBWA interprets these waters as being ‘packaged water’ due to the fact that it is marketed and presented as “bottled water”.  Therefore the businesses offering water treated and packed in this way will need to conform to the same packaged water, labelling and food safety legislation as other packaged waters bottled in this country do, including:

·         Microbiological legislation: Regulations Governing Microbiological Standards for Foodstuffs and related matters, R.692

  • Treatment and chemical regulations as per R.718
  • Labelling legislation as detailed in R.718 and Regulations Relating to Labelling and Advertising of Foodstuffs, R.146


“This means they must add best before dates and correct product information on their product bottles and labels. If they don’t, according to South African law, they must cease to offer this product or offer it in jugs.”


Weaver said the Department of Health is in the process of ensuring the necessary packaged water legislation is correctly interpreted so that the consumer is not misled when it comes to these new products.


The department will also review and suggest guidelines in terms of seals, circumstance of sales, use and marketing of these products.


Until this happens, it is vitally important that the hospitality industry and those charged with ensuring its compliance with legislation are familiar with the Department of Health’s interpretation of R.718: Regulations Relating to Packaged Waters (as amended 26 May 2010) because of the confusion these new products are currently creating for the consumer of bottled waters.


He also suggested potential users of these systems carefully investigate any ‘green’ claims.


“Laudably, restuarants and other businesses in the hospitality industry are, like many others, trying to be more responsible corporate citizens when it comes to environmental matters,” he said.


“They’re changing to energy saving light bulbs, they’re encouraging guests not to expect towels to be changed on a daily basis, and they’re electing to replace the bottled water they serve with that packaged on site using one of these systems.


“Unfortunately, given the amount of water these systems could use to properly clean and sterilise the re-usable bottles, it is unlikely that they’ll achieve a reduction in their water footprint, and they’d therefore do well to consider this before banning bottled waters.”


Bottled water production in South Africa is a very water efficient business in that it has an extremely low ‘water usage’ factor, a factor that Weaver believes the bench-top systems will struggle to attain.  


“The term ‘water usage’ refers to how much water is used (volume) to make a finished product.  This measure – sometimes called ‘water footprint’- includes both direct and indirect water usage (in the bottled water industry, that would be water for rinsing and sanitising bottles, plant and general cleaning and sanitation, vehicle washing, floor washing, toilets etc.) and includes water from boreholes and municipal source,” he said.


“The total South African bottled water industry benchmark is 1.8:1, and there are plants that achieve ratios of as low as 1.3:1 – 1.4:1 by recycling their bottle rinse water. This 1.8:1 usage of water by the bottled water industry equates to 22.7 litres/second. 


“To put this into perspective, just one golf course uses 1 litre/second per hole or 18 litres/second for an 18 hole golf course. This means that the total amount of water used by the bottled water industry just slightly more than the equivalent used by one golf course. Similarly, the fruit export industry uses 0.5 litres/second/hectare, making the bottled water industry’s use equivalent to that of just one 45 hectare farm.”


Weaver concluded by asking potential users to not fall victims to urban myth when making their purchasing decision.


“One of the arguments against bottled waters is that carcinogenic substances leach into the water from the plastic. This is incorrect, and stems from a concern about phthalates and BPA, which do not exist in PET (polyethylene terephthalate).


“PET is used for numerous types of packaging for many foods, including everything from ketchup, peanut butter, soft drinks, and juices to beer, wine and spirits, yet no-one discourages people from consuming of any of these products.


“PET is approved as safe for food and beverage contact by the FDA and similar regulatory agencies throughout the world, and has been for over 30 years. PET itself is biologically inert if ingested, is safe during handling, and is not a hazard if inhaled, according to the International Life Sciences Institute Report (ILSI) ‘Packaging Materials 1. Polyethylene Terephthalate PET for Food Packaging Applications’ (2000).”


Box 1:


SANBWA adheres to the following interpretations:

·         Bulk water: tanker – distributed to rural areas = public water supply and not within the scope of packaged water legislation

  • Bulk Water: office coolers = packaged water (and, as per Europe, hermetically sealed, just a bigger bottle) when seal broken and on cooler = drinking water
  • Re-filling into consumer’s containers = drinking water not within the scope of packaged water legislation
  • Benchtop treated waters and shop-floor treated waters bottled on site = packaged water that should be hermetically sealed with a tamper evident component


Box 2:


The following definitions are adhered to by the Department of Health:

·         Packaged Water – R.718: ‘Packaged water’ means water that is packed in hermetically sealed containers of various forms, capacities and approved safe and suitable materials and which is indented as a foodstuff for human consumption.

  • Milk and Milk Products – R.1555: ‘Hermetically sealed container’ means an unopened container which cannot be opened without breaking or damaging such container or seal, adhesive label or other part of or attachment to such container and which is intended to protect its contents against the entry of micro-organisms.





For further information contact: 

Petra Peacock

+27 11 7944665; +27 83 3031778

Ricoh SA has launched the new GWNX (next generation)controller, which makes multi-function printers more sustainable, secure, and user-friendly.


Among its many features the new controller’s interface is updated to printers and multifunction devices and allows users to personalise the interface to a greater degree than ever before, it is more intelligent to ultimately improve efficiencies and availability, it’s more environmentally friendly, it extends secure, remote faxing, incorporates USB ports for device-side document handling, and it is compatible with a range of new models.


“Security received a lot of attention in the GWNX controller and one of the new features is the fax output timer,” says Davy Khonzani, marketing product manager at Ricoh SA. “It holds faxes in memory instead of leaving them in the catch tray before printing them at a predetermined time. That means the process is automated, it eliminates risk, and it protects information.”


Additional security features include saving scans asdigitally signed PDFs or in PDF/A format and AES256bit encryption can be selected to protect the data, meaning information is secure. All paper output is marked with a line of information that identifies the origin of each particular sheet when the Mandatory Security Information setting is configured.


The GWNX enables MFPs to display an intelligent and intuitive interface with a large, tiltable touch screen. A Home button brings up the start screen in one touch, making the control panel easy to navigate. MFP users can create a personal start screen, including individual icons to act as shortcuts to their most popular tasks and settings, making the MFP quicker to use. The new operation panel also features SD and USB slots for easy file browsing on the touch screen. An optional Browser Unit makes it possible tosurf and print directly from the Internet.


Scheduled Print is one of the new workflow features of the GWNX controller, which automatically sets large print jobs to run out of regular office hours, keeping the MFP available for smaller jobs during theday.


Documents are easily managed, through banner pages that divide the output stack in separate print jobs and the built-in document server which stores all documents, both private and public, for convenient and fast reproduction and sharing of information.


The GWNX helps reduce the environmental impacts of using an MFP. Quota Setting can limit the amount of total output for a specified user or user group, meaning people don’t print more than necessary. The Eco-Friendly Indicator monitors the printing and copying behaviour of each individual user with the information presented in a clear infographic reporting paper use, colour use, duplex and combine printing (printing two pages of content onto one page). Reports compare results month-on-month, meaning businesses can identify ways to be more environmentally responsible in their document management.


Media enquiries: Davy Khonzani, Ricoh SA

Contact details: 011 723 5099


Issued by: Michelle Oelschig, Scarlet Letter

Contact details: 083 636 1766

The City of Cape Towns Mayoral Committee Member for Economic, Environment and Spatial Planning, Alderman Belinda Walker, has launched the Cape Town Activa Web Portal. The portal boasts a vast array of online resources, tools and links for those who want to start and develop a business or secure employment in Cape Town.


Cape Town Activa is a City initiative that aims to develop a world-class ecosystem for entrepreneurs and that will transform Cape Town into a city that is open for business and attractive to outside investors. Cape Town Activa was established to create an enabling environment for enhanced collaboration among public and private sector stakeholders interested in entrepreneurship. 



With the launch of the online portal,, the City’s vision to become a lucrative economic centre for entrepreneurship is now one step closer to being realised.


Cape Town Activa seeks to lobby issues facing entrepreneurs, ultimately giving them a unified voice, and provide a first stop solution to anyone operating in this space. From an individual with a business idea, but no plan to get it off the ground; to an entrepreneur in the first few years of operation requiring access to an incubator environment; or entrepreneurs looking to take their venture to the next level it just got a whole lot easier with the development of the new online resource.


Lavendra Naidoo, General Manager of The Business Place eKapa, and the Implementing Partner of the Cape Town Activa initiative, commented on this latest announcement that will see technology driving economic development:

Every internet caf, public library and smart phone just became an Activa branch, thanks to the new user-friendly web portal. We are very excited that this resource-rich portal will now be accessible to anyone with an internet connection, negating the need to catch a train or take a taxi to an Activa centre.


By connecting entrepreneurs to organisations keen to support their endeavors, exciting business potential is maximised. Cape Town Activa bridges the gap between where these entrepreneurs are currently and where they want to be. In addition, the initiative seeks to contribute to the development of human capital by creating a mechanism to make job-seekers in the city more employable and direct them towards support services wherever possible.


A key component of this business ecosystem is the support organisation network. These organisations provide a myriad of skills, training, information and tools for entrepreneurs that offer a catalyst to economic development. For any organisation looking to offer such support and become involved in a dynamic entrepreneurial ecosystem mandated by the City, the possibility of an exciting partnership awaits by registering on the web portal to ensure the best possible service offering to the citizens of Cape Town.


Alderman Belinda Walker said, “Cape Town is positioning itself as an Opportunity City for entrepreneurs and we continue to work at removing barriers to entry. Cape Town Activa is one of our chief initiatives that will create the enabling environment to allow entrepreneurs to seize these opportunities.”


All players in this exciting space are encouraged to get connected and explore the potential for renewed business prospects in Cape Town and for citizens to make use of the information and support provided by the web portal, Alderman Walker added.


Cape Town Activa ultimately aims to develop a world-class entrepreneurship and job-seekers ecosystem that transforms Cape Town into the entrepreneurs city of choice on the continent and a city open for business for outside investors. With the launch of Cape Town Activas new web portal, the initiative is one step closer to reaching this goal. Visit


Join the other online conversations with Cape Town Activa on Facebook at or on Twitter at @ctactiva





Media enquiries: * Alderman Belinda Walker, Mayoral Committee Member for Economic, Environment and Spatial Planning, City of Cape Town, Tel: 021 400

1314 or

Cell: 083 629 8031, E-mail:


* Adri Senekal: Stakeholder Relations and Communication, Cell: 082 944 4455 or E-mail:



About Cape Town Activa:

The establishment of Cape Town Activa forms part of the City of Cape Towns strategic objective to put the city on the map. Through a partnership network that seeks to provide an enabling environment for better collaboration between public and private sector stakeholders interested in entrepreneurship, the initiative is a catalyst for economic development.


As the first stop solution for entrepreneurs and business owners at different stages of business development, Cape Town Activa seeks to cut through the red tape, fostering vibrant and dynamic entrepreneurial growth.

Key stakeholders are entrepreneurs and business owners, as well as support organisations that provide the critical resources required by them, including access to shared information, a range of aligned products, tools, programmes and industry events.


The launch of the web portal is exciting news in terms of accessibility to the resource-rich ecosystem. Valuable online tools, tips and techniques, as well as a comprehensive list of the support organisations communicating their education, networking and information sharing events are features on Also included is a blog page populated with daily articles on market trends and industry news to keep business owners at the top of their game. Cape Town Activa can assist job-seekers in becoming more employable too, by providing critical insights from industry leaders and experienced mentors on job hunting, creating a winning CV and interview skills.



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