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We want to share some exciting news: we have just released the McKinsey Insights app for iPad, which provides mobile access to the latest perspectives from across our industry and functional practices, the McKinsey Global Institute, and McKinsey Quarterly.

You can install the app directly from the Apple App Store. The app allows you to browse and search articles, videos, and podcasts by theme, industry, function, region, and source; to create personalized reading lists that are accessible offline; to be notified when new content is published; and to share articles instantly via e-mail and social networks.

We are delighted to be able to share the very best of our thinking in this way. The app will continue to evolve with new features, and an Android-based version will be available in early 2014.


Paving the way for managed print success

Managed print services (MPS) is a terrific opportunity for resellers to drive revenue and enhance share of customer. To succeed, it needs the support of a visionary and supportive vendor. It requires, for example, an inclusive service and supplies contract for networked printers and multifunction systems that can be the key to maintaining a profitable managed print offering, by:



•             Enhancing customers’ understanding and control of their document costs;

•             Offering resellers a competitive advantage and providing opportunity to boost  business equity;

•             Improving reseller profitability and increasing revenue; and

•             Removing some of the costly variables that can cut into reseller profits, with a fully integrated solution and coverage independent fixed pricing


Not all companies are ready for a long-term MPS contract, so a reseller will need a programme that offers an entry point. They will also need the following functionality:


•             Monitoring the printers and multifunction devices on an organisation’s network;

•             Supporting devices provided by a wide variety of vendors; and

•             Enabling customers to order supplies through a solution provider’s e-commerce portal


MPS is also not a one-size, one-vendor solution – roughly half of the technology you will manage in MPS accounts will be from a wide variety of vendors, rather than that of your principal vendor.


The key to success with any MPS solution is properly trained staff – ensuring the customer won’t have to face the very challenges they are trying to avoid by having managed print in the first place. Building staff expertise is one of the biggest challenges service providers currently face. According to CompTIA’s IT Research Roundup published in late 2011, 56% of MSPs surveyed say the availability of trained consultative sales and tech staff is a “very important” requirement.


To get started, train your sales staff to explain the benefits of MPS and understand how it is implemented. Work with your MPS vendor to deliver high-impact training, covering topics such as assessment, design, implementation and management. Focus marketing efforts on a customer’s specific industry, size and needs.


Once you’ve added MPS to your portfolio, it is important to remember that training people to deliver a service like managed print is not the same as training them for product-related customer service, which is why they will need a proven on-boarding process that enables businesses and their technical staff to be successful under mentorship from industry experts. The mentoring programme should be led by an independent company that already has a successful MPS practice.


Once MPS is successfully in a your portfolio, not only will it improve your overall strategic market position, it will help make existing accounts more secure and open doors to win new business. In order to remain successful, you will need to continue customer and vendor relationships and make a point to re-evaluate processes to meet ever changing business requirements. An effective and well thought out MPS programme and sales strategy will build customer loyalty, confidence and revenue.




Karen Heydenrych, Communikay, 083 302 9494

Tanya Moodley, Bytes Document Solutions, 011 928 9111


LG Electronics (LG) has introduced their new mouse with a built-in scanner, the LG LSM-100, to the South African market.


 “We are excited to bring this innovation to local market,” says Tim Park, head of IT business unit at LG Electronics South Africa. “LG LSM-100 offers an array of functions that blend surprising innovation and user convenience.”


 Operating the LSM-100’s scanning function is far more convenient than on conventional scanners. While holding the Smart Scan button on the left side of the mouse, the user can simply swipe the mouse over the material to be scanned. The scanned image can then be saved in a variety of file types – PNG, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PDF, XLS and DOC – or dragged and dropped into the desired application.


 The LG LSM-100 is also equipped with LG’s Optical Character Recognition technology, which converts scanned text into a Microsoft Word document that can then be edited and manipulated as the user sees fit. By eliminating the need to retype text from print media onto the screen, Optical Character Recognition saves users a great deal of time.


 The mouse’s compact size belies its big-sized capabilities. Because it’s not limited by a frame, the LG LSM-100 can scan page sizes up to A3, larger than most conventional portable scanners. Additionally, the scanning technology itself has been upgraded to handle faster pass-over rates, meaning that scanning an A3 sheet can be done smoothly and quickly.


 The LG LSM-100 is also a top-end mouse. The laser sensor is accurate and durable, and the stylish design lends itself to easy, smooth motions as well as providing an ergonomic, comfortable grip.


 This device will be available at selected retail stores


When creating, preparing or doing a business presentation or mounting a display, the systems you use must be stylish, functional and work with smooth efficiency – qualities you’ll find in the Sherpa® Systems by Durable.

The Sherpa Carousel 40 is a rotating display system that comes with 40 black display panels, 40 index tabs, a weighted, non-slip base – and it’s portable.  There are two Wall Display Systems, one with 10 ready-to-use A4 display panels, the other with 20. In both the transparent, hard PVC display panels are copy-safe, can be scanned, and come with metal wall brackets.  The Sherpa VARIO Desk Unit Complete is a range of robust and economical, display panel systems ideal for use in industrial areas such as warehouses, kitchens and factory floors. The Desk Unit 20 is a ready-to-use system with a sturdy metal bracket, 20 A4 display panels and tabs.


Sherpa display panels also hold their own. The 10 display panels of the Wall Module 10 Bracket can be wall mounted or combined with a desk clamp.  Extension Module 10 can extend the capacity by ten extra panels, while Sherpa Wall 10 is a complete set that includes brackets and 10 A4 display panels.  Or you can choose the sturdy table 10 stand which, like the Extension Module 10, comes in various colour options.

Sherpa Systems by Durable are distributed by Silveray Stationery Company, a Bidvest Group Company and are available from leading stationers nationally and all Office Active outlets –  For more information visit: or follow us on


Los Angeles: Pop star Lady Gaga is releasing a limited edition stationery line to raise money for her Born This Way Foundation.

She launched the charity earlier this year to empower youngsters and stop bullying.

She is now raising money in the back-to-school season by teaming up with U.S. store Office Depot to supply pens and other desk supplies, reports

The stationery line, which also includes gift cards and wristbands, features empowering slogans such as `Be Accepting` and `Be Yourself` and 25 percent of the profits will go to Gaga`s foundation.

Office Depot have committed to a guaranteed 625,000 pounds donation by the end of this year.


The development of black managerial talent and leadership for both the public and private sectors is crucial to the growth of the South African economy and future entrepreneurs. Thus the opportunity to become a knowledge partner to the learning day at this year’s Black Management Forum Conference was one we took up without hesitation.

Skills development forms part of the Deloitte ethos and has seen the firm being recognised by industry bodies such as the Association for the Advancement of Black Accountants of SA (ABASA) as a leading producer of black chartered accountants for many years in a row.  We believe in producing skills for the firm’s own talent pool and for the broader economy – because we have to play our part in developing skills for South Africa.

The Deloitte corporate social investment budget is solely focused on supporting skills development initiatives. In addition to our CSI budget, Deloitte also spends in excess of R20 million a year on tertiary education bursaries. Our alumni also sit at the upper echelons of the auditing and other professional services organisations – the auditor general, parastatals and parts of the private sector.

It is at the back of this passionate commitment to skills development that we found the call by the President of the BMF, Bonang Mohale, to reconfigure its annual conference and incorporate a learning day as a timely and important call.

Some of the BMF managers are destined to be top global industrialists, top executives in multinationals, leading CEOs of JSE listed entities as well as senior managers and directors in government and state owned enterprises.

We believe managers will be more impactful when they are instinctly aware of the social challenges around their organisations, know how to use data better in their environment, are more informed on how they can govern responsibly in their organisations, and have more insight on how they can protect their organisations data from various types of risks.

Empowering black managers with broader managerial expertise and social awareness will advance transformation and enable them to remain transformation agents themselves and not miss opportunities provided by their own managerial positions.

At the conference, the break-away groups will learn and explore three topics in line with the theme of  Can Good Governance increase trust amongst government, civil society, labour and business: Data Analytics; Cyber Crime and Effective Managers Who Advance Good Governance. We will present our content in an interactive manner based on practical examples.

(Please contact David Graham at to request Deloitte content presented at the Black Management Forum Conference).  

There will also be a plenary panel of captains of industry, including a JSE Non-executive director, the public protector, an official in the Office of the President’s planning and monitoring and evaluation departments and other state-owned-company CEOs who have successfully driven governance turnaround journeys.

Deloitte has had a corporate membership with the Black Management Forum (BMF) for decades and always looks forward to its annual conference and corporate update dinner. The Deloitte association with the BMF was also cemented by their long standing advisor and associate, the late Lot Maduke Ndlovu, who was the former MD and president of the BMF.

If you are interested in attending the Black Management Forum Conference, click here to register on the BMF website. We will also be providing updates from the conference on social media. You can monitor updates on the 23rd October on Twitter by following the #BMFConf2013 hashtag or @DavidGrahamSA on Twitter.

We will share Deloitte content presented at the conference upon request.

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SAN BRUNO, Calif. — A plucky Silicon Valley company, forced to compete for talented engineers, is trying it all — recruiting billboards on Highway 101; workplace perks like treadmill workstations and foosball tables; and conference rooms named after celebrities like Rihanna and Justin Bieber.

The name of that arriviste company?


The country’s largest retailer, which for years didn’t blink at would-be competitors, is now under such a threat from Amazon that it is frantically playing catch-up by learning the technology business, including starting @WalmartLabs, its dot-com headquarters.

The two retail behemoths, one the king of the physical store and the other the conqueror of the online world, are battling over e-commerce — competing for the most talented engineers, trying to gain the upper hand in the new frontier of same-day delivery and warring over online pricing.

They want to control not just Internet shopping but all shopping. Even as Walmart pours money into technology, Amazon is building a physical presence across the nation, adding warehouses and pickup locations. Both companies’ moves indicate that they believe the future of commerce is not just stores and not just online but a combination of the two.

For the first time in decades, Walmart, which drove company after company out of business, has a competitor it sounds a little scared of.

“Don’t think for a second that Jeff Bezos is not a capitalist,” Neil M. Ashe, chief executive of Walmart Global E-Commerce, said of the belief of Mr. Bezos, founder and chief executive of Amazon, in low prices and paper-thin margins. “They’re just playing a game, which is, ‘We’re just going to wait out the world.’ ”

Amazon declined to comment.

Although the fierce competition between Walmart and Amazon is occurring in all areas, to get the technological edge Walmart has to succeed in San Bruno.

The company has had a small presence near Silicon Valley for more than a decade, but until recently, engineers in the area barely knew it existed. It signed a lease three years ago for the San Bruno office, north of the valley — and across the street from YouTube — and is opening another this fall in Sunnyvale, home of Yahoo, in the heart of the valley. It is trying hard to prove it is one of the cool kids.

For example, at press events in Bentonville, Ark., Walmart’s headquarters, the menu tends to be ham sandwiches, chips and iced tea. At a recent event in San Bruno, it was white asparagus panna cotta with house-smoked salmon tartar, morel mushroom macaroons and charcuterie from a whole pig. Borrowing a page from Google and Twitter, the company offers hack days when engineers can work on whatever they want.

The changes are more than cosmetic, though. This year, @WalmartLabs has gone on a start-up shopping spree, buying four companies — Torbit, OneOps, Tasty Labs and Inkiru — that build things like tools to crunch data and speed up Web sites. The acquisitions included some of the start-ups’ founders and engineers, the time-honored way for Silicon Valley companies to hire the talented employees they need to build better Web and mobile tools.

Walmart has hundreds of open jobs at its office here. This summer, the company hired 150 people from companies like Yahoo and eBay.

The company’s pitch to engineers is that Walmart moves quickly and has huge problems to solve, even if it is not a nimble newcomer or a buzzworthy start-up.

“There’s big data and there’s Walmart big data,” said Ravi Raj, vice president for mobile and social products at @WalmartLabs. “Every week we release half a dozen features.”

Rick Devine, chief executive of TalentSky, a Silicon Valley recruiting firm that has recruited for the company before, said Walmart’s scale was attractive to young engineers. Still, he said, the competition is fierce.

“The kind of people they’re going to be looking for — big data and e-commerce type of people — those are the same kinds of people Silicon Valley cares about,” he said.

Amazon, which is based in Seattle, also has a Silicon Valley presence; its Lab126 research company, located a few miles from Apple’s headquarters, developed the Kindle and is working on other mobile devices. Amazon is a much bigger player online, with $74.4 billion in revenue expected for 2013. While Walmart’s total revenue is close to $500 billion, it has said it expects just a fraction of that, $10 billion, in e-commerce revenue for the year ending January 2014. had 62.5 million unique visitors in August, compared with Amazon’s 133 million, according to Compete, which tracks Web use.

“Amazon is the Walmart of the post-2000 period,” said Matt Nemer, an analyst at Wells Fargo.


Claire Cain Miller reported from San Bruno, Calif., and Stephanie Clifford from New York.

A version of this article appears in print on October 20, 2013, on page A1 of the New York edition with the headline: To Catch Up, Walmart Moves To Amazon Turf.

The Santa Shoebox Project is an inspiring community initiative of the Kidz2Kidz Trust (IT2671/2009, PBO930031301, Section 18A, NPO 102-098, B-BBEE Level Four Contributor) that co-ordinates the donation, collection and distribution of personalised gifts at Christmas time to underprivileged children across South Africa and Namibia. 

Participating is a profoundly valuable and personal experience with each donor selecting the child he or she chooses to pledge a Santa Shoebox for by name, gender and age. 

Volunteer your time or provide products for insertion into the box. Visit


17 October 2013 – Epson’s new photo scanner allows users to scan and upload photos directly to social media, photo sharing websites and other cloud storage services. Featuring Digital ICE® Technology that removes dust and scratches from damaged film, the Perfection V550 Photo is the ideal photo scanner for enthusiasts who want to enhance their photo collection.


Epson Easy Photo Scan software allows users to share photos much easily with friends and family by uploading scanned images directly to selected social media and photo sharing sites such as Facebook or Picasa. Meanwhile, Digital ICE Technology automatically removes dust, imperfections, scratches and fingerprints from scanned film, without the need for time-consuming manual retouching.


With a 6,400dpi resolution, an optical density of 3.4 Dmax and built-in transparency unit, this photo scanner can easily scan a wide range of media – from standard photographs, newspapers and A2-sized posters to filmstrips, mounted slides and medium format film – with fast, high quality results.


Kelvin Reynolds, general manager at Epson South Africa said “Packed full of technology and software to repair and restore original photographs, this high-quality photo scanner is ideal for anyone with a back catalogue of old memories they want to bring back to life. Thanks to Epson ReadyScan LED technology, this scanner is ready to work within seconds after switching on so there’s no waiting for it to warm up.”


The Perfection V550 Photo is available from October 2013.



Capture every detail with Epson Matrix CCD technology and 6,400dpi optical resolution

Scan almost instantly with fast, energy efficient Epson ReadyScan LED Technology

Scan positive and negative 35mm film strips and slides, as well as medium format film with built-in transparency unit

Digital ICE® Technology automatically repairs damaged film by removing dust, imperfections, scratches and fingerprints

Scan directly to cloud storage and photo sharing websites to archive and share photos online with Epson Easy Photo Scan software

Restore colour, adjust backlight, and remove the appearance of dust on photos with Epson Easy Photo Fix software

ArcSoft® Scan ‘n’ Stitch Deluxe™ software for scanning oversized originals up to A2

4 one-touch buttons – Start, Copy, Scan to email, scan to PDF

Reduce energy bills and impact on the environment due to low power consumption

ENERGY STAR compliant

Easily edit scanned text with Optical Character Recognition software


Source reduction refers to activities that reduce the volume or toxicity of waste generated, including the design and manufacture of products with minimal toxic content, low volume of material or a longer useful life. It is becoming an increased focus for brands that need to be conscious of their environmental footprint, and as a result greater emphasis is placed on the reduction of packaging material within the retail environment. 


Timothy Beattie, General Manager of Pyrotec PackMedia – a leading provider of on-pack solutions -says: “By moving beyond conventional packaging methods and materials, brands can reduce their carbon footprint as well as their transportation spend and warehousing costs. Reducing excess packaging results in lighter and smaller shipments that cost less to transport.”

Pyrotec PackMedia offers the below source reduction tips for brand owners wishing to reduce their carbon footprint:

·         Cut down on packaging costs: Clever on-shelf devices negate the need for excessive packaging. Pyrotec PackMedia assists brands in reducing packaging through its innovative range of Do-It Hang Tabs and Display Strips. These devices reduce – and often replace – the bulky packaging required to professionally display your products in retail stores.

·         Streamline the product: In the design phase, product packaging should be streamlined to neaten the overall appearance and increase on-shelf display flexibility. More products are able to be displayed on shelves and it is easier for customers to handle the items – increasing the possibility of purchase.

·         Increase product visibility: By hanging products vertically, less space is required on the shelves and visibility is increased. Packaging can be streamlined as it doesn’t have to work twice as hard to catch the attention of the customer. Do-It’s range of Hang Tabs and Display Strips is an easy, affordable way to place your product where it is most visible to the consumer.

·         Lessen the environmental impact: Choose sustainable materials over conventional substrates. Materials produced from post consumer waste or that are recyclable all assist in decreasing your footprint.Do-It offers a range of biodegradable and recyclable options, allowing you to move closer towards achieving your environmental goals.

·         Reduce the toxic content in your product: Be aware of the toxic content present in you packaging materials. International packaging laws require that manufacturers comply with legislation pertaining to the composition of packaging. For example, the Model Toxics in Packaging Legislation (the same model forms the basis of the European Union’s packaging requirements) was implemented to reduce the amount of heavy metals in packaging and thus safeguard the environment. Do-It’s range complies with all material safety requirements – in both the design and manufacturing process.  

Beattie concludes: “Source reduction in packaging has been going on for decades as a way to reduce costs. Until recently, however, few companies were doing it to increase sustainability. With the increased concern for the environment, manufacturers and brand owners would be wise to investigate alternatives that allow them to minimise packaging – and ultimately their carbon footprint.”


Pyrotec is a privately owned South African company that specialises in providing innovative and top quality product identification solutions. The company’s extensive service offering includes on-pack product identification solutions including self-adhesive labels systems, as well as coding and labellingequipment. With a service offering founded on a dedication to quality, operational reliability, and excellent service, the Cape Town based company has a national footprint with centres in major cities across the country. With more than 40 years’experience, Pyrotec has three brands operating under its ambit: Pyrotec PackMedia, Pyrotec PackMark and Tower which includes Toby Tower. The proudly independent company is headed-up by Managing Director, Rowan Beattie.

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