Every year SASPA’s sponsor CBM Training, hosts a Secretaries Conference that allows Secretaries and PA’s to boost their skills while spoiling themselves at the event.

This year PACSA 2012 is running in Johannesburg at the Westcliff Hotel on 2 – 3 August and in Cape Town at the Radisson Blu Hotel on 23 – 24 August.

According to the Chinese Zodiac, the year 2012 is the Year of the Dragon. In modern terms the Dragon is the most auspicious symbol signifying success and happiness. 2012 is also a Leap Year – which gave us an extra day in February to achieve our goals! All in all, 2012 is an exciting year – filled with success, drama, challenges and happiness. It is surely a time to reflect on past successes and challenges and focus on what we each need to become more fulfilled and successful in the year ahead.

This year, PACSA focuses on your uniqueness and individuality as a successful career woman. The intensive 2 day programme will look at the fine-tuning your inherent power and using your natural abilities to achieve more, everyday.

Attend this event and benefit by:

Harnessing your intuition: it’s modern day mind reading!

Discovering your super power as a woman negotiator.

Become a networking guru at our Networking Challenge High Tea!

Implementing the 5 steps that make project management a breeze!

Bringing out, dusting off and reinventing the “To Do List” as the most powerful productivity tool around!

Handling criticism better – it doesn’t have to sting, and might even make you more successful!

Saying “No” with confidence and integrity – it’s not lazy, in fact, you will actually get more done!

Becoming authoritative and influential to help you to own and drive your projects.

Brushing up on your P’s and Q’s – and how to conduct yourself in any given business situation.

For more information on PACSA please email dawn@cbm-training.co.za or call on (011)-454-5505 and mention you saw it on the shop-sa website.

Can YOU go without shoes for ONE day?

Imagine the pain and discomfort in not having a pair of shoes to wear, not having any form of transport and having to walk back and forth in the icy cold weather of Pretoria.

There are many children who do just that!  They do not own a decent pair of shoes and have to travel to school, barefoot everyday, walking many kilometres to and fro…..not only in Pretoria but throughout South Africa.

Woodhill College recently launched their first BAREFOOT DAY, and allowed students to go to school barefoot…not for the fun of it, but to experience the discomfort of not having shoes to wear thereby gaining a greater understanding of what it must feel like for those who don’t have shoes at all.  The students also donated R100.00 for a pair of school shoes for someone in need.

The response to Barefoot Day was overwhelming and incredibly well supported by the Woodhill Family.

A total number of 800 pairs of shoes were secured by way of the amount of money raised.

Woodhill College, in conjunction with BAREFOOT NO MORE, were privileged to hand over these shoes to two schools viz, Sindawonye Primary School and Tshegofatsong Special School on 14 June 2012.

A party consisting of staff representatives from Barefoot No More, staff from Woodhill College, headed by the principal Kenneth Checkley and students from Woodhill College were greeted by an array of smiling faces bursting with excitement.

Each child received a brand new pair of school shoes and a pair of casual flip-flops, in addition to a sweet treat!

In return, Woodhill College were honored and blessed to be treated to a concert of sing-along songs by the children and the singing of the national anthem by all.

All in all, the day was a huge success and all the children were happy to have received the shoes.

As Mr Checkley said, “It is in giving that we receive.  The children were not the only ones to receive something today, all who were involved in this drive has walked away with something special in their heart.”

Woodhill College will be sure to continue with their on-going efforts to support those less fortunate and BAREFOOT DAY will no doubt become an annual event.

For more information on how you can assist, visit http://www.barefootnomore.com/


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