Warren Rother has been appointed as the business development manager at LaserCom, a Bytes Document Solutions company. He will head up the sales division of the company and will focus on exploiting business opportunities presented to LaserCom. Prior to joining LaserCom, Rother was employed as the business manager for sub-Saharan Africa and a programme manager for EMEA at HP. He began his career in civil engineering, moving into sales and marketing in the steel industry. Rother will oversee customer engagement, business development and implementation of progressive technologies in LaserCom’s field of expertise as a business communication specialist. “My role will involve heading up initiatives to attract new customers and create new markets for our products and services. I’m looking forward to driving revenue in the company and ensuring added value for existing clients,” he says.

In the 21st issue of Henkel’s Sustainability Report published on 8 March, the company presented its new sustainability strategy for 2030. “At the core of the strategy is the goal of achieving more with less and tripling its efficiency. The new sustainability strategy applies to all business sectors and the entire value chain,” says Kasper Rorsted, chief executive officer for Henkel. By 2030, Henkel aims to be using only one-third of today’s inputs for every euro it generates. To reduce its ecological footprint and make sustainable consumption possible, the company has defined three major approaches of products, partners and people. All 47 000 employees around the world will make contributions to implementing the new strategy. “We must find ways of achieving more with less. Not only do we have a duty to future generations to pursue sustainable development, sustainability also makes economic sense and is an important competitive factor,” says Rorsted. 

O’Carroll gives birth to twins

On 17 January Debi O’Carroll Weber, divisional buying manager for CNA Creative Division, gave birth to twins Alexander and Abigail at Morningside Clinic. The twins were born by C-section at approximately 15:40 with Alexander weighing 2.1 kilograms and Abigail weighing 2.6 kilograms, following a smooth pregnancy and delivery. “We absolutely love the children and have been truly blessed, firstly with Oliver and now with Alexander and Abigail,” says O’Carroll.

Sales of the GN4 Content Management System have exploded internationally since Miles 33, a supplier of publishing solutions, purchased Tera DP, a content management company, in 2010. “Having being partners with Miles 33 for as long as Avusa we are pleased with the worldwide boom the GN4 platform is experiencing. The system is assisting publishers to become more efficient in managing their multi-channel content,” says Keith Solomon, director for Antalis South Africa. GN4 is a newsroom content management system that has unique architecture based on modern web services orientated principles and represents flexibility that few other systems can match today. Michael Moore, chief executive officer for Miles 33, says they are extremely grateful to Antalis, who is part of their network of GN4 and CMSA distributors. “We wish to thank them for their involvement and in playing a significant part in the explosion of content management user licenses,” he says.

Croxley sponsors Jacques Rudolph

In March Croxley became the sponsor of Jacques Rudolph, South Africa’s left-handed cricketer, who has made a come-back to the Proteas Test side this season. The Croxley brand will appear on Rudolph’s bat further cementing Croxley’s association with style and quality. After five years away from the international arena, Rudolph returns to the South African side. His test debut in 2003 was when he made his mark on the international cricket scene with a double century, an unbeaten 222 against Bangladesh in Chittagong. That year he was also voted South African Cricketer of the Year. Trevor Girnun, managing director of Silveray Statmark Company, says they are proud to be associated with another century-maker. “I am proud of Croxley’s sponsorship and will do everything to ensure the company’s faith in me is justified. Having that famous name on my bat gives me an added incentive to do well,” says Rudolph.

In March, Stabilo took to the rugby fields with its sponsorship of the FeLions, the MTN Lions cheerleaders, for the 2012 Vodacom Rugby Super 15. Shaun Attwell, marketing manager for SSC, says the nine fluorescent colours of the Stabilo highlighters provides for a funky look that’s always up to the minute. “So when the Lions’ most ardent supporters come onto the field to strut their stuff in cheering their team on to victory every match, Stabilo will be matching their youthful energy,” he says. According to Attwell there is a further synergy since the Stabilo corporate colours of red and white are the same as the MTN Lions. “The wild enthusiasm that will greet each MTN Lions victory will be reminiscent of the enthusiasm that greeted the Stabilo Boss highlighter breakthrough in 1971. The Stabilo FeLions will be positively glowing with pride with their winning team,” says Attwell. 

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