How loadshedding affects your security

By Ntwaagae Seleka for News24 Home owners and businesses have been urged to test their security systems as a matter of urgency and to pay particular attention to the battery back-up systems during load shedding periods. “Many people are under the incorrect...

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Coding and robotics curricula to come for Grade R to 9 

By Kerushun Pillay for The Witness Once a specialist field for nerds, the world of coding has today become pretty much a norm in the career space — so much so that even basic administrative jobs require people to know basic coding. And the trend is being felt...

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Six pieces of tech every office needs

Source: HackRead Before you start buying any technology or furniture for your office, you must put in some planning and research time. There are so many options to consider and each one will have a direct impact on the functionality of your workspace and, as result,...

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Google hit with €1.5bn fine from EU over advertising

Source: BBC Google has been hit with a €1.49bn (£1.28bn) fine from the EU for blocking rival online search advertisers. It is the third EU fine for the search and advertising giant in two years. The case accuses Google of abusing its market dominance by restricting...

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Eskom, government plans for Stage 5 and 6 loadshedding

By Ferial Haffajee for Fin24 Eskom and government have started planning for Stage 5 and Stage 6 load shedding, according to officials who say that there is a race against time to ensure that a national blackout and grid collapse does not happen. Stage 5 and Stage 6...

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Shock as Sun City’s value plummets

By Siseko Njobeni for Business Live The tough economy is behind the shock decline in Sun City’s value. Sun International has for the first time reduced the value of Sun City as a struggling economy brought pressure on the iconic resort and casino. The R306m reduction...

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Massmart confident it can turn Game around

Source: CNBC Africa Massmart had a tough financial year, reporting a decline in headline earnings per share by 31.7 cents. The biggest contributor to the company’s decline were Game, Dionwired and Hi-Tech. Investors have been surprised by the extent of the...

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Make your office better in 2019

If looking around your office at motivational posters from 1988, psyche-ward green walls and rows of people slumped at rows of desks makes you want to run screaming for the exits, don’t worry, help is at hand. Isla Galloway-Gaul, MD of Inspiration Office, says that...

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CNA’s sales are up

Against all odds, Edcon looks set to mark its 90th anniversary in September, brought back from the brink by last-minute financial life support from banks, landlords and the Public Investment Corporation (PIC). The group was set to run out of cash at the end of...

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Videotape evidence is not always legal

By Ivan Israelstam, chief executive of Labour Law Management Consulting At the CCMA it is the employer who has the full onus of proving that a dismissal was fair. For this reason, when employers are able to catch employees breaking rules on camera, they believe that...

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A pinch and a punch: how to sell staplers and punches

Boost sales by using our quick and simple guide to punches and staplers  Staplers The first known stapler was made in the 1700s for King Louis XV. Each staple was inscribed with the insignia of the royal court. As paper use increased, so too did the need for the...

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